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synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Add Some Pictures to the Family Tree...

How it actually arrived.
Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  It's Easter Sunday and I hope this finds you having a very nice celebration with your family and/or friends. What type of dishes do you make for your dinner? Here at the Scrappin household, I've put lasagna, Italian bread and garlic butter on today's menu.  Along with a nice salad, that should do nicely for us.  And of course it's all homemade, since that's the way I like it.  Back when the kids were at home, I would make the entire Easter dinner, complete with all the trimmings.  Now that it's only Mr. Scrappin and I, that seems a bit much so we usually will have something smaller for the two of us.  I do wish the kids lived closer (or we lived closer to them) so that I could still do a nice formal meal, but sometimes you just have to roll with the tide.

The main trunk is finished.
Of course, I do miss the hunting of the eggs and all the other little fun things we would do.  Now I get to enjoy Ms. Addisyn hunting HER eggs through pictures.  And they are really fun to look at.  Once in a while we are able to actually spend the holiday with the kids and get to see the real thing, but pictures are always a perfect solution to the distance.  Who doesn't love pics, especially when they're of the cutest grandchildren EVAH?  I look forward to them and enjoy them so much when they come across my phone or computer or, I know this is a strange one, in the MAIL.  I'll pretty much take them any way I can get them.  I *heart* them!

Branches, leaves and photo frame
complete the left side of the tree.
Now, if you're anything like me (heaven forbid!) you will have pictures of your family everywhere.  About a jillion of them.  Or possibly even more!  I used to have them displayed here and there in the usual fashion, but I kind of got a little tired of that.  I wanted something different. Something fun and fun to look at.  For a long time now I've been wondering what that would be.  Several months ago, while I was scoping out Ebay, I came across a vinyl wall mural that was a tree for holding photos. Sounds weird for sure.  It interested me but I never really committed to liking or disliking it.  I just wasn't sure if it was really something I would want and then there was the fact that I didn't even know where in  the world I would put it.  Our house is a very open floor plan with a lot of windows and not really much wall space itself so when things are put on the wall it's got to be something I want to stay there.  Or remove easily without having to fill a bazillion holes.  

Part of the right side of the tree finished.
Where I'd really like a picture display would be in the dining room.  There's one full wall in there, but the HUMONGOUS mirror I have took up all the space.  And I do mean ALL  the space.  It's an antique mirror that I got when Dale, my middle dude, was born. That was 1986 and that mirror has been with me every step of the way.  I love it dearly as it's so incredibly beautiful, but it is so big and bulky and overwhelming of any room it's in.  It's been sitting in my dining room against that wall since I moved here in 2007.  Leaving no wall space to do anything else with.  As I was deep cleaning a few weeks ago and got to the dining room, I decided it had to come down.  Its largeness is sometimes very overshadowing and I was feeling like it needed to be gone for a while.  But I also didn't want to fill a wall with holes just to eventually take whatever down and put the mirror back.

The right side finished completely.
The more I thought about that, the more I thought about that vinyl wall tree.  I wasn't sure it would stick considering that our walls are heavily textured and I didn't want to go through the work of putting it up just to have it fall down. That would definitely be a grrrrr moment (or two or three).  And since we had painted the walls last summer, I wasn't really sure it would show up that great.  I really didn't want to pay for something that wouldn't work for me.  So I pondered and pondered.  And I finally sent an email to the seller of that item on Ebay asking if it would adhere to heavily textured walls. No response ever came and I just let it go.  Then I saw another one with a different seller and decided to try the email tactic again.  This seller responded and I bought the tree, wondering if that was a very smart thing to do.  That sounds so weird. "Hey, I just bought a wall tree off of Ebay."  LOL!  

The tree in its entirety, although you can't see the bottom
of the trunk.
It is certainly an interesting looking thing and once I got past the initial "hmmmmm" of it, I thought it would be a really fun idea.  I really want to display pictures in an interesting way that makes me WANT to look at them rather than just passing them by every day because they're in the same old space in the same old arrangement on the same old wall.  Get the picture? hahahahah - A little play on words there. Today Mr. Scrappin decided to open the box it came in since he had no idea what it looked like.  I don't think it's what he expected since it was on two large sheets and you had to pull each piece off and put it together on the wall.  Thank goodness though, because how in the heck would you get that sucker on there if it were all in one piece?  I'm pretty sure that would be almost impossible.

View from the side.  It measures about 5x8 feet finished.
So, this Easter day, I put a tree on my wall.  I did put the picture boxes up as well, although I will take them off and put real frames up.  They were important for placement though so I'm not unhappy that they're there.  We all know that with my own lack of talent for all things pretty that any arrangement I came up with would look interestingly strange.  LOL!  It really didn't take all that long since everything was numbered so that was a super bonus.  I can't believe how easy it really was.  

Luck would have it that I got some brand new pictures of Ms. Addisyn and the new Ms. Jaelynn today from my daughter-in-law so we know what's going up in at least a couple of those spots! And of course the kids will take up some too. I can't wait to get the new pics framed and dig out some of the ones I've been hoarding that have just been waiting for a wall all their own. Once I get them all up, it'll be great to look at and fun to talk about. A conversation piece for sure. I'm just gonna go now so I can add some pictures to this family tree. 


  1. A vinyl wall tree doesn't sound like something I'd like but I love it! What a fantastic and unique way to display pictures. You should post another photo when you put up real frames.

  2. Now you know why I hemmed and hawed over it - just couldn't decide if it was really for me. Now that it's up I love it! I will do an update as soon as I put up the pics. I think it will be so cool! Thanks for visiting! :)