noun: a small piece or amount of something, esp. one that is left over after the greater part has been used.
synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Monday, March 24, 2014

Oh Baby, Baby..

A dress shaped card for a little girl.  Use an
embossing folder to add texture, add ribbon
and a bow and pop in a butterfly eyelet.
Chalk the edges for a final touch and you
have a beautiful end result!
Hello, Happy Monday and Welcome to the Farm!  I hope you have all had a beautiful week!  It was a little chilly during the day, but nice and sunny so I could deal.  Nights were cold though so thank heavens for blankies!  But the weekend...OH MY GOODNESS, it was just beautiful!  A tad chilly but nice enough to wear a light jacket and not that heavy coat I've been wearing for what seems like eons! Hooray for that alone!

So I'm on vacation this week, which I almost gave back, but decided against.  Mr. Scrappin had to change his vacation time so that leaves me doing it alone and who wants to do that?  Especially since he works nights and really, what can I do during the day when he's sleeping?  Exactly...nothing.  But I decided to keep the time and get started on my spring cleaning since the time frame for nice weather was exactly 2.5 days.  Saturday I got up and starting sharking my bathroom walls (gotta love the Shark hand held steam cleaner!), cabinets, shower and windows in the master bath, and did some super deep cleaning and purging in there.   I went through the cabinets under the sink and the drawers.  Anything i haven't used in a year is GONE.  Outta here!  Vamoosed for good!  I even got to have the window open in there because it was so beautiful outside!  Ah, it felt so good to get that done!  And my arms are so tired from doing it!  LOL!  I even took my old baker's rack and put it in the bathroom to hold towels.  It all looks so clean and streamlined! I swear to you that I heard harps playing in the background when I was finished.

Cute little card can just as easily be made
with any colors/patterns.  Note the
 opening to turn the wheel (on the
right hand side).
Sunday, Mr. Scrappin and I made a jaunt to Home Depot but came away empty handed (GASP!!!) so we will have to return another day.  After that, we stopped at a couple of friends houses (meaning one couple and then another) on our way home and had a nice relaxing day.  Once we got home, I started on the master bedroom and went to town sharking and dusting and purging in there too.   Can I just tell you that my arms are SORE today?  I made hubby go through the millions (ok, hundreds at least) of belts that have been hanging on the belt thingy since before I moved here (almost seven years ago) and get rid of the ones he doesn't want.  He was also "convinced" to go through the crap on top of the cabinet that I used for towels (the ones now in the master bathroom on the baker's rack - yay!) and get rid of it.  And yes, it was almost all crap.  Seriously.  But I was proud of him because he will come up with any excuse under the sun not to have to get rid of something.  He did good peeps!  Between his belts and a couple of other items and my clothes I've been hanging onto so I can get back into (yeah, I'm getting rid of them finally), I have a nice little tote to take to Goodwill.  

Cutest little teddy bear card perfect for
either boy or girl.  Cute as a button - pun
Well, by the time I got everything sharked, dusted, vacuumed, purged and the bed changed (along with some laundry in between) it was almost 10:00 and I was tired.  Blogging was just going to have to wait.  Oh, I forgot to mention the most important part of yesterday - I texted my oldest son, Adam, and told him that Gramma was getting extremely impatient and that he'd better have a talk with his wife's stomach and tell that little girl in there to get out here already.  There are limits to my patience, you know!  Anyhoo, I was too tired and it was too late for me to be excited about blogging so I decided to wait until today.  AND...

At 5:45 this morning I got a text from my daughter-in-law saying they were on the way to the hospital.  Turns out the little princess-to-be listened to Gramma.  Oh yeah, take that all you non-believers!  You CAN convince an unborn child to do what you want it to!!  That's right...I'm the Gramma bomb!  So...drum roll please...the newest little member of the clan was born at 7:20 this morning and I am just so excited I can't stand it!  Since I live three hours away I have to be excited by proxy but I can do it.  All day I've been on my phone getting pictures and news and more pictures and more news.  Just a little while ago I got a picture of Little Miss with her big sister, Addisyn.  Yes, I know you have all heard about Addisyn for almost three years now, but I'm sorry...I'm not done.  Not by a long shot.  Now I have two (count 'em, two) beautiful granddaughters to brag about and I do it til the cows come home!

So cute for a little guy!
Since this has been a beautiful, sunny, semi-warm, baby filled day, in honor of the new princess I will substitute the project I had planned to share with something baby related. Cards. Congratulations cards to the new parents for having the little bundle of joy that will cause years of indigestion, sleep deprivation and anxiety when their precious innocent one meets a guy (or girl) named Axl with a tattoo on his (or her) face that she (or he) has fallen madly in love with.  Um, not that I'm speaking from my own experience!  Really, that was a LONG time ago!!!  LOL!

All of these cards were made with scraps so I can't tell you where the supplies originally came from, but you can make up your own with whatever you have on hand and it will turn out just perfect!  It's all a matter of personality.  And now...without further ado, I'm going to sign off and start singing...OOHHH BABY BABYYYYYY.  OK, it really does sound much better on the radio.  :D 

Adam and the newest little princess!
7 lbs, 10 oz - 20 inches long

Ooh, and just because you asked (AND EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T), here's a sneak peak at the newest little member of the family and her daddy.  


  1. What a beautiful family, you must be so proud of them! Your cards are beautiful, love the texture on the first one! Thanks for stopping by and hopping along with Perfect Paper Crafting, best of luck to you! ~Diane

  2. Thank you Diane; I sure do think they're the best! And thank you so much for stopping by and commenting; I feel so lucky that someone with your talent likes one of my cards!!