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Monday, February 17, 2014

Altered CD Album

The cover says Bible Verses
Hello, Happy Monday and Welcome to the Farm!  Things have been a little hectic here, but not necessarily in a bad way.  Just...hectic. Seems like there just isn't enough time for everything I need or want to do.  Between appointments, work, what's supposed to be my every day life and any other little thing thrown in, I've not been able to get anything accomplished.  And I do mean anything.  You all won't know about that pile of dishes that's been sitting in the sink for almost a week now or the unvacuumed carpet.  It's pathetic.  Anyone willing to tell me I'm not the only one lacking in time or energy? Please?  I'll pay!

As I look around at everything I NEED to do, my mind switches gears to the things I WANT to do. Like the projects I've been waiting to get to so I actually have something to show on my blog.  Yeah, this blog.  The one that doesn't have anything really new or exciting.  I'm afraid I have to admit that I'm in a huge rut.  I WANT to do things but when I don't have the time I get cranky and then I do this little dance of self-defeat.  Why even try it if I can't finish it?  Because by doing a little at a time I will actually get it completed.  Duh, what a stupid question to ask myself.

So...I looked around for something different and this is what I came up with...nothing. Seriously. HOW can one come up with NOTHING? Come on now; I have STUFF! Lots of it! There's got to be SOMETHING I can do! For crying out loud in the dark, I need a brain transplant! Since I couldn't think of anything to do, I decided to maybe do a bit of rearranging. And we all know how those maybe things work. This time though...IT WORKED! No no no, I didn't actually get anything rearranged (like THAT would ever happen, really) but when I started I ran into some things I had forgotten I had. Like old CDs that were no longer usable. You know, those ones I saved because I was pretty sure that at some point in time I might come up with a project for them. HAHAHAHAH! Just how long I've had them will not be disclosed at this time as it may be ammunition for Mr. Scrappin in the event he wants to "save" something (else) of his own. No.

I have a friend that is always reading her Bible and collects verses that inspire her. Looking at these CDs gave me an idea to make her a little verse book of her own. It would be small enough to set on her dresser or nightstand but hold some of her favorite verses so she could just have them handy. Well, that was a super idea! Except I didn't really know what her favorite verses were. LOL! So I'm a really big help to myself sometimes, right? Thinking it would look really stupid if I called her to ask what they were when I wanted this to be a surprise, I decided I'd take a different route. I picked out the papers and embellies I wanted to use, all of which were scraps and leftovers, and went to town.

As I made up the album, thoughts of what my friend was about kept popping into my head and I decided that maybe those verses should be about how I see her.  After the album was finished, I started looking for verses that reminded me of her.  Now, normally I'm not a great fan of my own creations because I swear to you they are much different looking in my head.  They're awesome and fantastic and could never be topped.  However, in real life...yeah, not even close.  But this time, I was so happy with the finished result.  It has my friend written all over it, literally, through the verses and the colors just match her personality.  It's so HER.

All I did was trace my paper of choice using the actual CD so that it would be the right size without any overhang.  Boy, am I smart or what!  Woot!  I did cover up the middle hole because I just thought it looked better that way.  Everything else I did was completely random - no plan at all.  Once I found my verses, I printed them out on card stock and cut them apart, then adhered them to the various "pages" of the album.  Using my lovely Crop-o-dile, I punched a hole (not seen here) and put a chain through to hold the album together.

Voila, a wonderful little reminder of how I see my friend, in her own style.  An altered CD album, or any other kind of album altered or not, is a great way to use what you have on hand and be creative at the same time.  

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