noun: a small piece or amount of something, esp. one that is left over after the greater part has been used.
synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Perpetually Useful...

Bare frame, just waiting to be loved.
Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  Hope everyone had a great week last week!  With the colder weather in our parts and the polar conditions all over the rest of the country, my hope is that you all were safe and warm, with no complications. Our week here has been busy.  Jury duty on Tuesday and surgery for Mr. Scrappin on Wednesday.  Trust me on's been fun.  What do you mean you detect a bit of sarcasm there?  Say it ain't true, Stu!

I can say that being home did not make me unhappy.  The day of hubby's surgery, the weather was just awful. Although I'm so very grateful that it wasn't like a lot of the rest of the country, it was awful for us.  Icy and snowing, and cold.  And we ALL know how much I HATE the cold.  I truly think it should be outlawed but, so far, I can't find anyone to go up against the weather systems to back me up. Perhaps I should put it on the next voter ballot.  VOTE FOR PEDRO!  Oh wait, I got a little too excited there.  VOTE FOR ME!  Anyhoo, what with the circumstances, I was able to stay home and not have to venture out into the weather.

Ribbon cuteness.
So, you are all asking...what exactly did you do while you were home?  Well, since you asked...besides taking care of Mr. Scrappin and yelling at him constantly to follow the doctor's orders, I THOUGHT about cleaning the house.  Yeah, (snicker, snort) that didn't happen. And since that didn't happen and I had a little free time on my hands when hubby was resting, I decided to come up with a little birthday gift for my sister-in-law.  If you'll remember, in my last post I mentioned that I would be posting little organizational projects for this month.  But not the boring kind.  Just the fun kind.  Like this one.  Now, I'm not really sure that this project is actually an organizational help, but it's the fun kind that we all like to look at.  Even if we don't really use them.  hee hee hee  I did have to stray from my original idea just a tad as the base of this project is a picture frame and it only stands one way, which is not the way I had everything measured out.  Pooh sticks!  Ah well, time to improvise.

You can't tell from this pic, but the paper is
just beautiful.  A wonderful texture with a
leaf imprint.  Very pretty.
My original idea had been to make a calendar for my sister-in-law using a frame I thought I might have.  However, not wanting to print out a year-long calendar that would just be torn off at the end of the year, I quickly changed plans for that.  Coming up with a perpetual calendar seemed just the thing.  So I had this great plan of having a perpetual calendar with scriptures at the bottom that could be changed monthly along with the dates.  I measured and thought; measured and thought.  My mind's eye could picture just how the calendar would look and I was excited to get started.  You know what that means, right?  Yeah, me neither; I thought maybe you could help me out there.

Let me take this moment to tell you that along with other REALISTIC goals for this year, one of them is to use what I already have if at all possible.  Which I do...but...we all know that even though we love everything we have and we got things we wanted for a reason...we will STILL buy new stuff because we like that too! And heaven knows I have enough stuff to open my own craft store (not that I will because I'm also very selfish) so I really don't need to purchase anything.  With that in mind, I really started this little project last week when I started picturing in my mind some of the things I have.  Not that I knew where they actually were in that mess in there, but I knew I had them!  Once I made up my mind what I wanted to do, the search for supplies began.  And, just so you know, I almost got killed in my own craft room.  SOMEONE HAS GOT TO CLEAN THAT PLACE UP!!!!

Much better!  Some ink to "mess up" the card stock.
These are the actual colors; the other photos have too
much light hitting them.
Out came the frame and, after measuring and being so proud of myself, I realized that it would only stand one way, which was the deciding factor of the final result. Once I decided how to proceed, I went to my scrap drawer to see if there was anything suitable in there for my idea before I used a whole sheet of paper when I didn't need to.  I ALWAYS check my scrap drawer first, just in case.  Yay, I did find one that I absolutely loved.  One of my favorites and it will go with just about anything. This time, instead of painting or adding paper around the edges, I used ribbon.  A cute, fun ribbon that wasn't too stand-outish.  There I go, inventing new words again.  :)  And, of course, out came the mod podge.  After adhering the paper on to the front of the frame, I let it dry and then sanded the edges off.  I used my ATG adhesive to attach the ribbon and, man, was that the perfect size for this particular frame.  I was so stoked!  Cuteness!

This view shows the ribbon on the side.
Pardon the doorknob!  LOL!
Going through my scraps, I found what I thought was the perfect choice for the base of the month and day bases. A heavier card stock that would hold up to the continuous changing of the dates without coming apart or separating at the edges. And I had enough! WOOT! That almost never happens! By this time I was getting excited that this might actually come together! Cutting the scraps to the size I wanted was a piece of cake. For the letters and numbers, I dug through more of my stash on the floor (yes, I did say floor and you can stop laughing NOW) and found a ton of alphabet stickers that an old acquaintance had given me a few years back. She had purchased a ton of them and several packs of paper to do something for her then boyfriend, but they broke up before she could do it. Since she was moving back to Georgia, she gave it all to me. Where it's been sitting, since 2006, just waiting to have it's chance at fame, fortune and freedom. It's time has come! The letters were perfect since they were small enough to enable me to spell out some of the longer months in their entirety. Once attached, I was pleased. As for the numbers though...nope. Way too small. WAY. So I once again got on my hands and knees and went through my binders on the floor (I SAID STOP LAUGHING) and found some number stickers that I'd been hoarding. They were the right size and I had enough. ANOTHER WOOT!!!

And...finished.  I love how it turned out.
It's really so much better than the
pictures show.
Ok, names of months done and numbers added, double sided so as not to make too much bulk.  Hmmm...something was definitely missing here.  What to do, what to dooo.  Aha!  Ink.  Found part of my ink stash and picked a couple of colors to use to kind of "mess up" the card stock portions. MUCH. BETTER. Now it looks like something I would use myself, which means it's ok to give as a gift.  Are you all as picky as I am?  If it doesn't work to my liking, I won't give it as a gift.  I feel that if it isn't good enough for me, it isn't good enough for someone else.  Just what I had in mind, except for the area for the picture.  Should I leave it alone and let her put a picture in it, or should I make it into another useful spot? You know, like Pooh's thotful spot, only useful.  I decided to compromise and get another scrap to put in the frame part and use a dry erase marker to write in "to do" on the outside of the glass.  That way, she can either use it that way, in conjunction with the calendar or, if she chooses, she can erase the marking and put a photo in there.  Am I a genius or what? Why, yes I am, thank you very much!  I'm so glad you agree.

Now, to add the hooks to hold the dates and we're in business!  With all this fun stuff and the cuteness here, I hope Tori finds this calendar perpetually useful.

Frame by Sierra Pacific Crafts; Papers and Ribbon by unknown source; Alphabet stickers (Americana Circles) by Kopp Design; Number stickers (Ooh La La) by Bo-Bunny; Adirondack inks (Caramel and Pesto) by Ranger.


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