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synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Organized Chaos..

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  Wow, here it is the first weekend of a brand new year!  I am wishing each and every one of you a beautiful and wonderful 2014.  Usually with a new year ringing in, we all make resolutions that we THINK we're going to keep.  Well, this year, I have made different goals than my usual "I'm going to lose weight and eat better" that I make. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. I'm going in a little different direction and just settling for making myself happy. How hard can that be?  Pretty hard, actually.  But I will do it.  This year, I am pledging to get back to the me I used to really like.  The me that was fun and enjoyed doing things for other people instead of hibernating at home and doing nothing. This year I am going retro - BACK to being organized; BACK to making menu plans; BACK to making sure I remember to acknowledge those birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions that I used to at the very least send a card for.  I've fallen off the wagon because I've gotten lazy and forgetful and selfish and it's got to stop!  I miss my old self!

Just a couple coats of spray paint.
My craft room is completely unorganized, which does not help one bit.  I don't feel like working on ANYTHING because I have to hunt for EVERYTHING.  And I really do mean everything. Where are my markers? Beats me.  They've been moved and never put back. Why can't I find that one adhesive that I love the most?  Because it's still in one of those six bags that I haven't put away yet.  You know, the ones that I packed up to go to Sarah's LAST DECEMBER.  No, I am so not kidding and this is terrible! I'm usually very organized and I really do think that helps with the creative process. 

As I was talking with a friend about how uninspired I've been and how I just have no oomph to clean anything up, I was reminded of a conversation I had with my daughter-in-law not so long ago.  She and my son just moved and everything is in an upheaval.  They can't find anything and when they do finally find one thing, the other thing they were looking for is still missing.  Frustration galore!  Four children and one on the way and everything out of place.

Purple for Cierra.
So, this month, the first month of the new year, my posts are going to be little projects I've done to help with organization.  Not huge projects, like the kitchen where I attached an organizer to the door for all the pot and pan lids, but little, more subtle ones. Fun ones.  Like this totally hokey, but really fun and actually useful one that I did for my granddaughters.  Being teenagers, they have tons of jewelry to wear (they're girls, remember!!) And I'm pretty sure I'm not helping matters any since I bought them both bracelets for their birthday AND for Christmas. What can I say - the Jewelry Fairy spoke in my ear every night for months and those subliminal messages are almost impossible to ignore!

While picking out their bracelets for Christmas, I was looking at the jewelry holders that were also for sale.  Not knowing whether or not they had jewelry boxes or anything, or if they did, where they were at right now, I decided that maybe they needed something along those lines, at least until everything is unpacked.  The problem is that both of them are really into bright colors and fun and the holders I saw were more along the lines of being blah.  Nah, that just wasn't going to work.  So I started thinking about what I could do to make one and came up with this.  Like I said, hokey and cool at the same time.  And super easy!

A few strategically placed hooks.  
I bought cardboard/paper mache' letters (I'm really not sure what they're called officially) and painted them with the girls' favorite colors.  Green for Tiff and purple for Cierra.  And then I stuck some hooks in them.  Yeah, that's it. Nothing else.  ALTHOUGH, I really wanted to put more hooks in but my own daughter was yammering at me that they would be cleaner looking with just three.  So, I stuck with three.  And snuck the rest of the hooks to the girls so they could put more in if they so chose.  hahahahaha  Someone has to do it!  Really?  Three hooks to hold all their stuff?  I. DON'T. THINK. SO.

Anyhoo, these jewelry holders afford a little bit more organization right now, when it's really needed since a lot of things are still in boxes.    The girls loved them and they can either hang them or put them on their dressers, whichever they choose.  At least right now, there can be organized chaos in their room...until the boxes are unpacked...then it's just plain chaos!!

Alphabet letters from JoAnn Fabric; Ultra Cover spray paint (Key Lime and Grape in gloss) from Rustoleum.


  1. What a great little project! I know I would need more hooks myself, I imagine they will use the extras eventually.

  2. Thanks Kaelyn - rumor has it that there have already been hooks added! LOL!

  3. Toodie, I am so with you on the whole craft room thing. You've really motivated me to get more organized. I used to do crafty things all the time...but because I can't really find even a hot glue stick, I get discouraged and give up on the project I didn't even really start.
    So, I love what you've done with these letters. You are very creative... and keep up the creations!

  4. Gloria, I'm so glad you understand the craft room dilemma! It's so nice not to be alone!! LOL! Thank you for your kind comments; they really do make my struggling a little easier to bear! Please come back soon!