noun: a small piece or amount of something, esp. one that is left over after the greater part has been used.
synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tray Cool...

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  I hope everyone's past week was a good one.  Mine was not.  Just...NOT.  And I am sooooo thankful it's over and we're on to another week; one that just HAS to be better.  Besides going to work, I don't think I actually accomplished one thing that was on my agenda.  Not one.  I'm so disappointed in myself, not to mention my house still looks like a few hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis came through, one right after another.  Before you go laughing and thinking that I'm exaggerating, let me just tell IS possible for that to happen.  Really, it is!

I had grand plans of going through all the extra things in the laundry room that I've had high on the shelves just in case they'd be used.  Well, I did that when I moved here six years ago and it's all hubby's stuff up there.  With the exception of my Kitchen-Aid mixer attachments, that is.  THOSE get used.  I just wanted to get that room back in order since it seems like things just like to end up in there.  I also wanted to get my craft room cleaned up and reorganized, which did not happen.  It still holds the mess from December, which seems to be getting worse.  Not sure how that's happening.  hee hee hee

My grand plan of cleaning out our bedroom closet, which really just needs a few things gotten rid of, didn't happen.  Nor did my taking apart the baker's rack or placing my collection of flour sifters and graters on the top of the cabinets where they would look really cool.  Nope,  none of that happened.  So...what DID happen? Well, nothing.  I basically came home and fell into a chair or the couch and vegged the entire week.  I guess I was still feeling pretty tired after not feeling well and having a hard week on top of it.  Hey, wait...I DID do the dishes a couple of times! That counts for something, right?  Right?  And I made dinner a couple of times too.  I think.  Honestly, I can't remember.  LOL!

In honor of doing nothing this last week, I am sharing a project I did for my mother-in-law on her first Mother's Day after Mr. Scrappin and I were married. She wanted some wedding pictures but, as we are not the professional photo type of people, we had some really different pictures and I couldn't decide which ones to give her.  And I didn't think she actually wanted a wall full of a thousand framed pictures of us.  Or did she?  Well, I didn't actually ask, but I was guessing on that one.  LOL!  After looking through and finding my favorites, I decided I'd present her with a fun little wedding picture tray that she could enjoy.  Now remember, this was done in 2009, since hubby and i got married in 2008.  I felt, and still do feel, like those pictures on her tray were true portrayals of us and our quirky, fun, emotional, serious and happy personalities.  Have I pumped us up enough? Hahahahaha!  It's just that we are, well, just plain goofy.  

This was actually a really fun project since i was putting my heart and soul in this for my mother-in-law.  I think I'm one of those lucky people that truly loves their mother-in-law and has one that loves me back.  Too bad we can't go out in public together very often without escorts.  Why, oh why, does everyone think we do nothing but get in trouble?  History only shows that six out of seven times something happens with us.  And we usually find it funny because we're so much alike.  Now, THAT'S scary!

All I did was buy a frame, place some scrapbook paper in it for a background, place my pictures and a few embellishments and leave it for a little bit to make sure I was happy enough with it to present to her.  I had hubby drill a couple of holes in each end of the frame and then I placed drawer handles that I'd bought in there so she could use this for a coffee tray, or maybe a tray to put her bible on while she was doing her studies.  She ended up choosing to put it on the wall because she was afraid it would get broken, but I was sure to let her know that if it made it from me to her that it was safe forever.  LOL!  We all know what I klutz I am!

This type of project could be used for anything; a birthday, a gift for a teacher with a class picture inside, or just drawings of one (or more) of your children.  Basically, just a showcase of whatever you want it to be.  In my case, I wanted it to be tray cool for my mother-in-law so she could continue to enjoy that day with us by just looking at her gift.

Frame from Michaels; Patterned Cardstock from Club Scrap; Embellishments from Making Memories; Drawer Pulls from Home Depot.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spotlight on Me at The Dedicated House...

Hello, Happy Wednesday (thank you heavens!!!) and Welcome to the Farm!  I received a great surprise today and wanted to share it all with you! 

Katherine, of The Dedicated House, one of my favorite blogs to follow, is spotlighting me today!!!!  How exciting is that?  My very first feature and I am thrilled to pieces!  Not only is Katherine's blog a great blog to follow on it's own, but she also has some really fun link parties for you to attend while you're there.  On Mondays, she has a "Make it Pretty Monday" link party where you can link up all of your beautiful creations for everyone to see.  When Friday rolls around, she hosts an "Anything Blue" link party where you'll want to post your favorite blog post that has anything to do with the color blue.  It's really been fun seeing all of the different "blue" interpretations from all of us out there in Blogland.  

So we've got link parties on Monday and Friday, but what about the middle of the week?  She's got something for that too!  Wednesdays are when Katherine hosts her seriously awesome "Before and After" post where she showcases a before and after project from some very talented followers.  And this week, she showcased ME!!!! How totally cool is that!!!!  Once I received her email to me letting me know, I was just waiting for this day to get over so I could get home and do a little bragging.  I know, I know, it's not really like me, but...MY FIRST EVER FEATURE AND IT'S ON HER BLOG!   It just can't get any better than that.

Take a minute or two and check out MY CABINET MAKEOVER that she has so graciously spotlighted.  And please, please, please, while you're there, DO NOT let yourself get away without going through a few (or more) of her posts.  I guarantee you are going to love her blog.

Oh, and did I mention...I'M SO EXCITED?  Take a look!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Paint Can Melody...

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  I hope this past week was wonderful for all of you.  Mine was "eh."  The new work week was starting and things were fine.  Then I started feeling really weird.  One minute I'd be freezing and the next minute I'd be completely burning up.  People kept telling me I was on the "hot flash track" to menopause (I just turned 50 a couple of weeks ago) and, while this may be true, this WASN'T the "hot flash track."  I just didn't feel well. Made it through Wednesday and was feeling pretty good on Thursday...or so I thought.  There I was, rockin' my work day and then it hit me.  I was sick.  Plain and simple...I was sick.  Great.  Home I went where, here it is Sunday, and I am still not feeling well.  I think I feel better because I can get up and around a little, but not for long.  Pretty sure that grocery shopping is out of the question.  

As we all know, not feeling well and having to watch every little move you make so you don't get sick any more than you have to does not mean valuable crafting time. Sucky!  Which translates to the fact that all those little fun projects I have lined up are still in line.  And they're fighting for who gets to the be the hall monitor, which is stupid considering I don't technically have a hall.  It's more of a "space."  LOL!  To be fair, I'm pretty sure projects really don't know any better so I'm just letting them fight it out on their own.  Meanwhile, I was lucky enough to remember one of my favorite projects from a while back (and, by a while back, I mean four years) that I really enjoyed doing.  It's one of the ones that I was really pleased with, which doesn't happen that often.  I see all this beautiful crafting all around the blogosphere and really wish I had that kind of talent, but I don't.  This particular one left me feeling like maybe at some point in time I would be blessed with it!

When this project was done, it was at the "paint can high" of crafting. Everyone was getting paint cans to either fill for weddings or birthdays, paint and embellish, or just plain get crafty with. On one of my trips to my favorite scrapbook store which, sadly, is no longer in existence, I found this beautiful paper and knew I had to have it.  Whaddya mean what for?  Are you crazy?  WHO has to have a reason?  It was prettiful and that's all I really needed to know.  I knew at some point I would find the perfect project for it so of course it somehow made it's way to my little basket.  I NEEEEEEDED IT!!!  From there, every time I wanted to use it, I couldn't bring myself to do it because then it would be gone and I wouldn't have any left.  Come on, quit judging my lack of logic - I know you feel the same way!  It was just one of those that I  had to have THE perfect project for.  Scrapbooking would have had it covered up some and I just couldn't bear that.  So I waited...and waited...and waited.

Then I moved here, away from all my family and friends and favorite no-longer-existing scrapbook store, which I would visit each and every time I went back until my son so rudely informed me that it was out of business.  I cried.  Literally.  Not only was it my favorite scrapbook store, but my friend owned it and I had spent many, many cropping hours there having so much fun and getting some really awesome ideas from the talented ladies that were there.  Oh, they did some beautiful work with their layouts.  Someday I really do want to achieve that level of creativity.  Anyhoo, I digress.  I moved here.  And I lived here for about a year and a half before I decided to return.  Except it didn't quite go the way I planned and then I returned here.  Are you confused yet?  Because I SURE AM!!!

So, I move back here and get a position where I am working with the most wonderful of ladies.  And I truly mean that.  There is just no one like them. Loving, kind, accepting, caring...what more could you ask for?  If I was going to be in this place without my family and friends, I was lucky enough to have these awesome peeps in my work place.  Although I've since moved positions (in the same department) these are still my favorite co-workers of all time.  They still care and they still ask me about my life (former and present).  Now, one of these ladies just happens to have the most beautiful daughter (next to mine, of course!) who has the biggest heart that I have ever seen.  At the time I made this gift, it was for  her 18th birthday; she's now 22.  Whew, where did the time go?  

So...this pretty girl that was about to turn 18 at the time just happened to love music.  She was in band and she played the oboe.  Beautifully, I might add.  When I got to know her a little and realized just what a beautiful person, inside and out, that she was, I knew the time had come to use that paper I'd been hanging on to for dear life.  Enter Ashley's music can.  I'd love to give you a more exciting and ear-catching name, but I don't have one.  Now, before you go getting all hot and bothered that I don't have a really cool name, just remember I'm still unwell.  The fact that I've had four years to come up with a name is irrelevant.

So I found this paint can at my fave scrapbook store when I went back on one of my visits and knew that I'd be using this fab paper on it.  The question was how?  I didn't want to mangle the paper; I really wanted the warmness of it to shine as the main focus.  Pooh thot and thot...oh wait, that's another story...I thought and thought and came up with the idea you see here.  Not only was this my first paint can project, but it was also my first mod podge project, which had me scared to pieces.  I could just see this globbed up can turning out so disgustingly icky.  But I was patient which, for those of you who know me in person, know is EXTREMELY rare. And by extremely, I mean once I was patient and this might have been that once. Yeah, I just am not known for that particular quality.  

Before I started, I made sure to wipe all the outside of the paint can, as well as the lid.  I did that mainly because I know how I am when I see something; I've got to pick it up and check it out and, since this was my first mod podge project, I really didn't know whether there would be an adhesion problem or not.  I am so naive when it comes to that kind of thing.  I measured and cut and mod podged my little heart out and worked diligently to make a beautiful project for Ashley's birthday. To finish off the look, I trimmed a piece of card stock and attached it at the bottom and the top rims, more for a covering up of any raw spots than anything.  But the pop of color it added really surprised me and I think it really brought out the beautiful warmth of the pattern paper.  I even managed to make a card that I actually liked too!  I was on a roll that week!  Woot!

After I had adhered everything with the mod podge and let it dry, I went back over it to seal the paper.  I didn't want any ends to start popping up and coming undone.  Once everything was dried thoroughly and sealed, I grabbed some ribbon from my stash and started going to town on the handle.  That was kind of fun in itself, I must say.  I'd never done anything so random and I was really enjoying it.  I ended up using several of my leftover odds and ends so not only did I love the look of what I was doing to the handles, but I used up some stash, enabling me to get more stash.  Hee hee hee.  I KNOW you all know what I'm talking about...getting more stash is important to our daily lives.  We NEED it. 

This is the one and only paint can project I've ever done, mainly because I just don't think I can duplicate the feeling this one has.  While you all know I'm not one to toot my own horn loudly, I am really proud of this project and I feel it turned out so beautifully.  

Music Pattern Paper by Creative Imaginations; Jewels by Doodlebug Design; Card Stock (Terra Cotta) by Close to My Heart; Mod Podge Matte-Mat by Plaid Enterprises; Wooden Mini-Frame by unknown source.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake...

Just out of the oven.  This will look
 better when the cake
is leveled correctly.
Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm! How was everyone's week? Hopefully it was a really good one!  Mine was busy and went fairly quick so that was a plus! Can't complain about that, right? RIGHT!!!  Usually four-day work weeks are pretty slow because you're off your game, but I'm so glad this one wasn't.  I had a lot to do!

Crumb coated and ready for filling
and frosting.

Remember in my last post that I mentioned I was working on the cake for my stepson's wedding reception?  Well, that's kind of an understatement. Actually, I worked steadily for two weeks on it (every evening) to make sure I could have it done the way it should be. Yes, there were a couple of snafus on the way that made me seriously think about shooting my eyeballs out but, thankfully, that didn't happen!  What was scary was that I had never made a wedding cake before.  Of course I've made cakes and cupcakes and desserts, and when my kids were little, I did tons of those shaped cakes.  Those types of things were easy.  Even the shaped ones, because I always did the star shape for the frosting since that's all I knew.  No one cared though, because I had different colors and there were bunnies, balls, trucks, etc.  And they were fun.  Even though the only shape for the frosting was using that star tip, they were just plain fun.

The start of the Bavarian Cream.
Flash forward to now, when the last cake I actually star-tip decorated was for my 26-year old's eighth birthday.  Um, yes, it's been just a little bit of time in between.  Holy cake eating, Batman!  So, for two weeks straight I've been in that kitchen (which now looks like a cyclone came through several times) baking, freezing, and picking up broken cake pieces.  Yeah, there were a few of those.  For example, the FIRST one. I decided to bake the largest layers first to get them out of the way, but the very first one didn't exactly come out of the pan in good condition.  And by that, I mean it swooshed out all over the counter and broke into what seemed like a bazillion pieces.  Which, of course, upset me.  And then I laughed because, seriously, this is WHAT HAPPENS TO ME.  Every time.  It's like a curse.  I just took those pieces and shoved them into my lasagna pan so hubby could eat it.  Good thing the kids chose white cake, cuz that's his favorite and I knew there would be no problem with it disappearing.  He loves cake and it doesn't have to be in one piece!  Yay for hubby!  LOL!  

Cooling of Bavarian Cream before
adding final heavy whipping
Now, never having done a wedding cake before, I wanted it to be as perfect as I could get it.  I researched several recipes and websites, blogs and books so that I would at least have an appearance of knowing what the heck I was doing.  The more I read, the more it scared me. What is this crumb coating thing? Who the heck uses dowels in their cakes? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS FROSTING IS BETTER "SUITED" THAN THIS ONE?  Oh my gosh, who thought it would be that complex? Not me, that's for sure.  But I had committed and I was not backing out.  Some say that's brave; I say it's stupid. STOOPID, do you hear me?  What in batter's name was I thinking?  All I can say is that I'm so very glad that I had the presence of mind to research.  I truly did not know that there were "inside" steps to making the end result beautiful.  But, I want you to know, I followed those suggestions and there is no denying that they made all the difference. I'll never look at cake making the same.  

1-1/2 cups sugar and 6 egg whites; the
beginning of
Wedding Cake Meringue.
I started out with baking all of the cakes so that I could get them in the freezer and have the peace of mind knowing they were ready for me to start decorating. There is a great comfort in knowing that, I've found. Just the thought of realizing they are finished, with no more accidents of falling out of the pan, cracking (which happened to a couple of them) and that I don't have to try and hurry because I shirked my duty and wasted my time thinking it would all be ok in the end.  That, my friends, was a huge relief.  After the first cracked cake, I went back to figure out how I could possibly avoid that.  I wondered if I had used a  bad recipe or if I had somehow done something wrong. Turns out I did neither, but there is a trick or two to be had.  First of all, ALWAYS use parchment on the bottom of your pan.  Once I did that, the cakes came out so beautifully, and I mean by both coming out of the pan wonderfully and with a beautifully light brown color. Secondly, "thunk" your batter-filled pan on the counter once or twice before you actually put it in the oven.  Why, you ask?  So did I.  The answer to that is that it helps to settle your batter a little more evenly and eliminate any air bubbles that might be lurking below the surface to cause those cracks.  Once I started "thunking" I never had another cracked cake.  My way of "thunking" was to pick up the filled pan and then drop it onto the counter from about an inch or two.  

After heating, you gotta
Once my cakes were baked and in the freezer, I baked another set of the smallest tier for the bride and groom to taste-test.  I had already researched the filling (they wanted Bavarian Cream) and the frostings that I was going to use.  We all agreed that the filling needed just a  bit more vanilla, and I made two different icings for them to try.  I frosted one half of the cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream and the other half with a Wedding Cake Meringue.  In what was a truly monumental moment of "I've totally got to sit down for this one," Seth and Sadie agreed on the frosting. HOW did that happen?  I was stunned, and so was Mr. Scrappin.  Of course the soon-to-be newlyweds just laughed.  Best of all, they both loved the cake and thought it was nice and moist and that the filling would be perfect once I added that extra bit of vanilla. Hooray, the decisions were made and the rest of the caking (is that a word) would be easy sailing.  Hopefully.

Since they got married on September 7th, which was yesterday, by the way, I took Friday afternoon off from work to start the finaling of the cake.  Cakes were removed from the freezer and allowed to thaw a little bit.  The crumb coating was done and, let me tell you, this really IS an important step!  Basically, crumb coating is where a thin layer of icing is applied to the top and sides of the cake so that that icing traps the crumbs.  After the crumb coating is done, the cake is then refrigerated for about half an hour so that the icing adheres well.  Once that's done, it's actually pretty smooth sailing for the rest of the process.  If this step is done correctly, the final layer of icing will be crumb-free and beautiful.  Although I've never done that step before, I will never NOT do it again.  It was so amazing to me to realize how much of a difference it really does make.

Filled with Bavarian Cream and
second layer added.
Now that all the crumb coating was finished and the cakes were in the refrigerator (the largest ones were in the freezer because I hadn't yet cleaned out the fridge), I made the filling.  The recipe I found was astonishingly simple and so yummy.  The Bavarian Cream came out silky and tasty; the only alteration I made was to add an extra teaspoon of vanilla. I'm thinking that the reason it needed more was because the actual recipe called for vanilla bean, which I didn't have and that the vanilla extract just wasn't as potent.  But the recipe itself, which I found at Joe Pastry, was fantastic.  Everyone that tasted the cake loved it, as did the wedding reception guests.  That made me feel really good!  I will definitely use this as my go to recipe! Once the Bavarian Cream was made and cooled, I started filling the cake, leaving about one-half inch along the sides so the filling would not seep out.  That, too, is something I read in my research.  When I was reading it, I wondered what the point of that would be, but as I was actually putting it into practice, it became very obvious - when you put that second layer on, it's heavy enough to spread the filling out a little.  DUH.  DOUBLE DUH!  You would think I'd have figured that out on my own, right?  Nope.

Cakes filled, frosted and ready for boxing
and transport.
With the filling on and the additional layers added to each bottom, it was time to frost the cake.  Now, I really have to know, is there a difference between frosting and icing? Because I use them interchangeably all the time and I truly do not know if one term is more proper than the other. Help me here, peeps!  You know how I rely on you all!  Frosting the cake was kind of an interesting process for me.  Since I was doing the meringue icing that Seth and Sadie had chosen, there was a fine line of not letting it be in the refrigerator for too long and not leaving it out too long.  I think I did fairly well, but there was much trial and error and THANK GOODNESS I had done this trial and error on the test cakes or this could have been a disaster! That being said, it was still a little tricky getting the final product to look the way I wanted it to, and I didn't quite accomplish that the way I was hoping.  I did the best I could, but I couldn't get it to be completely and professionally smooth.  It ended up being a sort of combination of rough and smooth at the same time.  Only me, folks, only me!

Ribbon and flowers for the cake.
A lovely combination.
Sadie had given me an idea of what she wanted her cake to look like, so I tried to stay as close as possible to the simplicity of it, but I didn't want to copy-cat someone else's cake. I think that wedding cakes are a greatly personal thing and I think every bride should have an original one, not a clone of someone else's.  With that, I got some ribbon and some silk flowers and began to make my plan.  A very simple plan, since neither Seth nor Sadie wanted something fancy.  Their color scheme was purple and yellow, and I was able to find what I thought was a good combination of the flowers and ribbon.  Before transporting, I did attach the ribbon to the layers it was going on, but I did not do the flowers until AFTER transporting. I was really afraid of the transporting process anyway, and I just had this nightmare vision of globby cakes everywhere with sticky, ugly, mangled flowers.  It scared the frosting right out of me!

The cake all put together.  You can actually
see the groom on the topper in this picture. 
Saturday came and it was time to transport the cake.  Oh, holy cake topper, was I scared to death!  There were four tiers to be transported and, during my research, I read several sites on how to transport the cake, but I just could not bring myself to do it like that. I cannot even begin to tell you the terror I felt here.  I am nowhere near a professional baker and this was my first ever wedding cake.  I made several errors throughout the process and thankfully fixed them, but the transport really bothered me.  For that to even make any sense to you, you would have to realize that in addition to the nervousness of wanting it to be beautiful and edible for them, our driveway is NOT conducive to transporting something so fragile.  We have a gully in the bottom that you get stuck in when it snows and it really does go uphill both ways, with a double winding near the top.  And with the several (and by several I mean five) lightning and rain storms we've had over the last month, it was even more washed out than it was before. Scary.  I could just picture the tiers sliding all over.  Even though I had boxed them up, I was scared out of my mind. Mr. Scrappin drove down the driveway at a snail's pace and we finally made it to the road.  Then he drove the away-from-the middle of town way and it took us what seemed like forever.  But, when we arrived and I opened the trunk, I was so happy!  It was still the way it was supposed to be! HALLELUJAH!

Although the picture is crooked, the cake
really is upright and straight!
Now, let's get it from the trunk to the house in the rain.  Oh yeah, that was fun.  Fortunately, Mr. Scrappin   did that part too, and as he brought each tier in, he stacked it for me.  I had already done all the doweling before we packed the cakes so that all I would have to do is layer, do a little touch-up and add the flowers and topper.  Oh happy day that it all turned out alright! I did have a little bit of an attack when the bride's little brother plopped down right at the table the cake was sitting on and the entire cake shook.  I just knew it was going to go tumbling down.  After about three plops, he realized I was turning a little green and asked me if I was ok.  LOL!  Intuitive little guy.

Seth & Sadie cutting the cake. Thank goodness
 it  didn't fall over!
As the reception got underway, we had a lot of fun visiting, eating, and taking pictures.  Of course the pictures are a requirement, right?  After a while, Sadie came over and asked if we could bring the cake out of the house and put it onto a table outside. PANIC CITY!  I really was not sure that it would survive the trip outside at this point.  Mr. Scrappin and I both declined to attempt the move, so her grandfather and her mother brought it out. The table they set it on was already sinking into a muddy spot (remember, it was raining when we first arrived) and was leaning.  Great; my vision was going to come true.  When they set it down, you could see that it was starting to lean and I was praying to myself that it wouldn't topple over onto Sadie's beautiful dress.  Oh heck, I could so see that happening!  The angels were still with me because that didn't happen.  

Seth and Sadie cut the cake, with the usual smearing of it onto each other and then it was time to serve it.  I did get a lot of compliments, which I greatly appreciated since it is by no means professional looking, but all I could really think at that point was, THANK GOD IT'S OVER and LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!!

Cake Pans by Wilton; Cake boards and boxes by Sunny Side Up Bakery; Silk Flowers and Ribbon by Michael's Stores; Cake Topper by Wilton.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bejuls Is Good...

This one, Poppa.
Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm! This last week of summer has been a wild one here, what with the cooler weather coming in at night and it being so warm during the day.  Now you know me; I LOVE the warm but am really rather miffed with the cool.  And here it is back already. Didn't it just leave? Seriously folks!!!!  I have never been able to figure out what I did to Mother Nature to make her despise me so.

You hafta reach high.
In the midst of all this weather cooling and allergy enabling weather, I have been wracking my brain trying to decide which post to do next.  A couple of the really cool ideas (well, to me at least) I've had are still waiting ever so patiently for me to get to them.  Why? Because at the moment I am in the midst of preparing a wedding cake for my stepson's upcoming wedding reception.  More about that later, IF said cake actually comes out looking like it should.  Since I haven't gotten to my projects, I can either show you an old project (that hasn't been shared yet, of course) OR some lovely pics of little Ms. Addisyn and HER garden.  Guess which one I choose?

It goes in the bucket to eat.
Peaches...and a ladybug!

Now, I know that you're wondering how an almost two-and-a-half year old can have her own garden, but let me just say this:  BECAUSE SHE SAID SO.  Yes, Momma and Daddy do the work and, yes, Momma and Daddy do the cooking and everything else with the yummy produce they've grown, but...Addisyn says it's hers.  LOL!  Of course it is.  Who's else would it be?  Really?  Does everyone not know SHE IS THE BOSS? I've got to admit that she is pretty darn enthusiastic about her "bejuls" (vegetables to those of us who are over two and/ or can actually pronounce that word).  Seems like she has planted quite the variety of things to enjoy.

Addin' this cucumber to
my stash, Daddy!
My carrots!
While we were on vacation, Poppa (aka Mr. Scrappin) and I went to visit the kids, who all live in the same area, which is where I moved here from.  Thank goodness they're near each other! And, of course, we had to have us some Addie time. Cuz that's the rule. Addie time is very important. Since we don't get to see her often, Addisyn takes a little time to warm back up to us but, when she does, she goes full bore!  It is TOTALLY hilarious!  The stories I could tell you!  We laugh so hard when we get to visit with her.

It's right in there, Daddy!
Momma & Addie
The first day we were there, she showed Poppa how to pick the peaches off the trees.  Obviously, in his old age, Poppa could not figure this out on his own. Good thing she was there with the instruction!  At least until the ladybug appeared and yep, then Poppa was on his own.  The ladybug was much more important.  Addie and Poppa got a bucket full of peaches and marched right into the kitchen with it, where it was extremely imperative that one be cut up and eaten NOW.  As in RIGHT. THIS. MINUTE. POPPA.  Right after her little handful of M&Ms that she got out of her machine with a quarter (a quarter which neither Gramma or Poppa had so Momma had to front us).  Smart girl, knowing the chocolate comes first!

After that, Daddy got home from work and he and Momma went out to the garden to pick some veggies and do a little weeding.  Or a lot. It's a nice size garden.  Of course Addisyn had to supervise and make sure they did it right. Can't have a messy garden, you know. So...what exactly is in Addie's garden, you ask? Lots!  There's keeni, torn, cummers, madoes, carrots and I forget what else.  Oh, and waddermemon.  Yummo!  The little rascal certainly knows her bejuls!  I saw the corn stalks at the end and asked her, "Addisyn, what is that?"  She just gave me this look that said, "Seriously?  I'm only two and I know what that is so what's wrong with you?" Along with the look, she said in the most ridiculously sarcastic voice EVER, "torN." LOL!  It was hysterical.  If you could have seen that face.  I cracked up!  She was obviously not impressed with my lack of bejul knowledge.  Sorry Addie.  Gramma's a little old to be remembering all this stuff.

I need more, Daddy.
Following Momma and Daddy out to the garden, Addie made sure they did everything the right way.  She even held on to Daddy's pants loop so he wouldn't get lost in there.  Good girl!  She's definitely got it going on!  They picked, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots (and I forgot what else) and we had some cut up to eat with dinner.  Uncle Dale arrived and helped eat some of the sliced cucumbers that Addie had added some (a lot lot lot) of salt to. Wish I could have gotten a picture of THAT face! Hahahahaha!  Big brother Daniel made the best zucchini fries I've ever tasted (also the ONLY zucchini fries I've ever tasted).  I had seconds.  I really wanted thirds but I was too busy laughing at Addisyn stealing her Momma's hot dog and admitting to doing so "only once." Apparently there's a one-time free pass for that.  

You hafta dip it in ranch...
Cheese, Uncle Dale!
And then, we got some news - ADDIE IS GOING TO BE A BIG SISTER!!! Yep, Adam and Keri (aka Daddy and Momma) just found out that there's another one on the way.  Oh happy day!  I never thought I'd get even one grandchild, so two is just an over the moon thing for me!  I'm thrilled!  And I know that Addisyn will be able to teach baby brother or sister how to get the bejuls from the garden when the time is right. Because, according to Addisyn, "Bejuls is good."