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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bejuls Is Good...

This one, Poppa.
Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm! This last week of summer has been a wild one here, what with the cooler weather coming in at night and it being so warm during the day.  Now you know me; I LOVE the warm but am really rather miffed with the cool.  And here it is back already. Didn't it just leave? Seriously folks!!!!  I have never been able to figure out what I did to Mother Nature to make her despise me so.

You hafta reach high.
In the midst of all this weather cooling and allergy enabling weather, I have been wracking my brain trying to decide which post to do next.  A couple of the really cool ideas (well, to me at least) I've had are still waiting ever so patiently for me to get to them.  Why? Because at the moment I am in the midst of preparing a wedding cake for my stepson's upcoming wedding reception.  More about that later, IF said cake actually comes out looking like it should.  Since I haven't gotten to my projects, I can either show you an old project (that hasn't been shared yet, of course) OR some lovely pics of little Ms. Addisyn and HER garden.  Guess which one I choose?

It goes in the bucket to eat.
Peaches...and a ladybug!

Now, I know that you're wondering how an almost two-and-a-half year old can have her own garden, but let me just say this:  BECAUSE SHE SAID SO.  Yes, Momma and Daddy do the work and, yes, Momma and Daddy do the cooking and everything else with the yummy produce they've grown, but...Addisyn says it's hers.  LOL!  Of course it is.  Who's else would it be?  Really?  Does everyone not know SHE IS THE BOSS? I've got to admit that she is pretty darn enthusiastic about her "bejuls" (vegetables to those of us who are over two and/ or can actually pronounce that word).  Seems like she has planted quite the variety of things to enjoy.

Addin' this cucumber to
my stash, Daddy!
My carrots!
While we were on vacation, Poppa (aka Mr. Scrappin) and I went to visit the kids, who all live in the same area, which is where I moved here from.  Thank goodness they're near each other! And, of course, we had to have us some Addie time. Cuz that's the rule. Addie time is very important. Since we don't get to see her often, Addisyn takes a little time to warm back up to us but, when she does, she goes full bore!  It is TOTALLY hilarious!  The stories I could tell you!  We laugh so hard when we get to visit with her.

It's right in there, Daddy!
Momma & Addie
The first day we were there, she showed Poppa how to pick the peaches off the trees.  Obviously, in his old age, Poppa could not figure this out on his own. Good thing she was there with the instruction!  At least until the ladybug appeared and yep, then Poppa was on his own.  The ladybug was much more important.  Addie and Poppa got a bucket full of peaches and marched right into the kitchen with it, where it was extremely imperative that one be cut up and eaten NOW.  As in RIGHT. THIS. MINUTE. POPPA.  Right after her little handful of M&Ms that she got out of her machine with a quarter (a quarter which neither Gramma or Poppa had so Momma had to front us).  Smart girl, knowing the chocolate comes first!

After that, Daddy got home from work and he and Momma went out to the garden to pick some veggies and do a little weeding.  Or a lot. It's a nice size garden.  Of course Addisyn had to supervise and make sure they did it right. Can't have a messy garden, you know. So...what exactly is in Addie's garden, you ask? Lots!  There's keeni, torn, cummers, madoes, carrots and I forget what else.  Oh, and waddermemon.  Yummo!  The little rascal certainly knows her bejuls!  I saw the corn stalks at the end and asked her, "Addisyn, what is that?"  She just gave me this look that said, "Seriously?  I'm only two and I know what that is so what's wrong with you?" Along with the look, she said in the most ridiculously sarcastic voice EVER, "torN." LOL!  It was hysterical.  If you could have seen that face.  I cracked up!  She was obviously not impressed with my lack of bejul knowledge.  Sorry Addie.  Gramma's a little old to be remembering all this stuff.

I need more, Daddy.
Following Momma and Daddy out to the garden, Addie made sure they did everything the right way.  She even held on to Daddy's pants loop so he wouldn't get lost in there.  Good girl!  She's definitely got it going on!  They picked, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots (and I forgot what else) and we had some cut up to eat with dinner.  Uncle Dale arrived and helped eat some of the sliced cucumbers that Addie had added some (a lot lot lot) of salt to. Wish I could have gotten a picture of THAT face! Hahahahaha!  Big brother Daniel made the best zucchini fries I've ever tasted (also the ONLY zucchini fries I've ever tasted).  I had seconds.  I really wanted thirds but I was too busy laughing at Addisyn stealing her Momma's hot dog and admitting to doing so "only once." Apparently there's a one-time free pass for that.  

You hafta dip it in ranch...
Cheese, Uncle Dale!
And then, we got some news - ADDIE IS GOING TO BE A BIG SISTER!!! Yep, Adam and Keri (aka Daddy and Momma) just found out that there's another one on the way.  Oh happy day!  I never thought I'd get even one grandchild, so two is just an over the moon thing for me!  I'm thrilled!  And I know that Addisyn will be able to teach baby brother or sister how to get the bejuls from the garden when the time is right. Because, according to Addisyn, "Bejuls is good."


  1. Hello Toodie,

    I love reading your post.Your place is so warm and cozy. Thanks a lot for coming over to my place. I will be back here for sur.I am your newest follower

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog and I'm so happy you're following me. I hope I can keep you coming back!

  2. Oh my gosh - she is a cutie! It is amazing the things we do for kids! I love what she calls vegetables!

  3. Aw, thank you Holly; I think so too! Not that I'm prejudice or anything. LOL! It cracks me up when she says "bejuls" but hey, it makes me want to eat them. :)