noun: a small piece or amount of something, esp. one that is left over after the greater part has been used.
synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Sunday, August 25, 2013

What Found Me At The Thrift Store...A Sequel...

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  I hope your last week has been as wonderful as mine has!  A long-awaited vacation, getting to visit with my children and little Addisyn; exciting news; preparation for a wedding; relaxation and fun. Couldn't have been better unless it were longer.  Yes, longer is good!!!  Oh, and I had a birthday.  Turned the big 5-0.  Time to call Alex Trebec and get my old lady policy lined up.  Oh yeah, baby!!

The cutest metal basket ever.
You may recall that in last week's post, we (and by we, I mean THEM) caused a commotion at my favorite thrift store.  During that visit, I (meaning me) found a couple of cute little buys, which I mentioned in that same post.  What I didn't tell you was what I ended up doing with those lovely treasures of mine.  Thank the lucky stars I made it out of that store alive and out of handcuffs without having to return them to the shelves!! Can you imagine the horror?  Someone ELSE possibly getting their grimy hands on MY selections?  Oh no, that would have broken my heart.  I know you all know how I feel; how could you possibly even THINK about putting something back once you've chosen it to love? Oh, the pity we feel when that happens.

Just big enough to hold a
zucchini.  LOL!
Now that I am (almost) over the trauma created by Mr. Scrappin and the gang, I feel able to share my tiny little projects with you.  Actually, it's more the buys themselves that I'm sharing since I only actually transformed one of the three things I bought. BUT, you will love what I did with one of them, even though hubby did not see eye to eye with me on it.  Sis-in-law agreed with me, which is why we are (still) waiting with baited breath for our very own reality thrift shopping show.  Tori had the best name for it - Thrifty Sisters - and I think she should have a little extra of the proceeds for coming up with it.  It's brilliant!

A beautiful motorcycle spring!
Now, I know you will all be laughing at me when you see what I did with the motorcycle spring, but I tell you, it was GENIUS!.  I don't have many of those moments so I totally expect a lot of "oohing" and "aahing" over this, ok?  And, just so you know, I am not above begging for my kudos.  Really, I'm not.  In fact, I can probably do it very well if you really must know.  But yes, I turned that motorcycle spring into a cutting board holder.  Why not?  It's funky, fun, unusual and totally rad (if I do say so myself).  When I first laid eyes on that lovely thing, the first thing out of my mouth was that it would be a cool cutting board holder.  Hubby just looked at me and said no.  At which time I turned to sis-in-law and asked what she thought.  She said she could see the vision, so there ya go. It was perfect, really.  I didn't even have to do a single thing to it except run it through the dishwasher to get the dust and grime off of it.  It sits proudly on my counter and I love looking at it.  Yeah, it's weird, but that's just me.  I love being different and not having the same things as everyone else.  Who really wants a cookie cutter home? Unless there is an actual cookie involved with the cutter, it isn't for me.  

Voila!  A beautiful cutting board holder!  I love it!
Then there were these little trays that were just the cutest ever.  But I need another Christmas tray like I need more hay in the field to make me sneeze. Just sayin...don't need 'em. However, they were the absolute perfect size for two particular little dudes I know and I envisioned two tiny chalkboards.  Oh yeah, now we're talkin'!  What better than a little chalkboard of their very own to write on?  Personally, I thought it was pretty brilliant.  Mr. Scrappin just gave me another one of those looks.  Mhm, I tell ya, he DOES NOT have the gene for visionary transformation when it comes to this kind of thing. Other things, he most certainly does, but little tiny things like this, not so much. Doesn't matter; I took them home anyway.  They were calling to me and you KNOW how that goes.  

Christmas trays cute on their own...
And the little metal basket? I don't know why I need it...I just do.  You know when something just jumps into your hand and you don't even know how it got there, but all of a sudden there it is?  That's exactly what happened here.  I did pick it up at one time and then put it back.  Then after all of the hubbub going on in my normally quiet store, it somehow was in my hands at the checkout.  I couldn't bear to put it back if it was desperate enough to want to go home to MY house.  Seriously, have you BEEN to my house? I assure you, it's not the safest of places, nor is it the sanest.  It's kind of scary.  But this little basket is adorable!  It's metal and it's obviously been weathered a little bit. Hubby just shook his head and laughed at me and told me it was a golf ball bucket. So? Does that make it any less a bucket than any other?  I think not.  And does it really matter?  It was cute, lonely, needing a home and (did I already mention) cute. It NEEDED me.  Apparently I am the only one that understands this.  And I don't care because I truly *heart* it.  It's perfect on my counter or possibly on the table holding napkins or condiment packages.  So take that all you non-believers!  BOO YAH!

I'm sure that all of you thrifters agree - it's not about spending tons of money to make a beautiful home - it's
But even better as mini-chalkboards for the little dudes!
about making your home beautiful by putting your personality into it.  And who says everything has to be brand new or in today's style?  Not me.  I love being quirky and different. That's just who I am.  So show your quirkiness and go thrifting!  When you see something you like, just ask yourself, "what can I do with this?"  You just never know!


  1. Fun finds...agree, quirky is great :)

  2. Thanks Laurel! I'm having fun with them.

  3. I love quirky! Mr. B says I'm quirky lol! I LOVE the cutting board holder! Yes, you have the thrifty vision :-) Perfection my friend, pure perfection!

  4. Thanks Kathe! I guess it takes us "quirks" to know, right? We should start a club. LOL!

  5. Great finds! I'm hosting a Wall Decal giveaway that you should enter!

  6. Thank you Kayla! I'm really having fun with them. Funny how the little things are the ones we like the most. :) I'd love to enter your giveaway!!

    Thanks so much for stopping in. I hope you come again soon.

  7. I LOVE thrifting, too. Your finds are so fun, and you have pit them to such fun and versatile use. Thanks for linking up to Tickled Pink Times Two!

  8. Thanks Meegan! How can you NOT love thrifting? There's just something about it that makes me happy!

  9. I think so too Jenna. I just had to have it! Thanks so much for stopping in; please come back soon!