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Monday, August 19, 2013

Take Me Out To The Thrift Store...

Tori and Mr. Scrappin checking it out.  What IS this?
You can see Tori holding the spring I'm buying and the
goblet that she's buying.
Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm! Well, this has been an interesting, frustrating, extremely exciting, fun and all around busy week! So much to tell, so little time. LOL!  I don't think my head has spun this much in a long time, but I am not complaining one bit (especially because I am on a much needed and anticipated vacation this week).  News, visitors, happenings...they've all come my way and I was prepared for none of it.  LOL!  

As you can see, although it's upside down, the tag says
"tested ok."
This Sunday, however, we are focusing on some fun thrift store finds and well, the "almost kicked out and banned for life" things that we were doing in the thrift store.  Alright, alright, before you start judging and rolling your eyes and asking "seriously, what DID you do?", I want you to know it was NOT MY FAULT.  None of it.  I was an innocent bystander in all of this (until I got involved, that is, and decided that I REALLY needed to share this stuff with the world). I.N.N.O.C.E.N.T.  Really, I was.  I promise.  It all started like this:

Making sure the saw really does work.  You never know if
you can trust the tag or not.
My sister-in-law, Tori, who lives about four hours away, was in town for a few days.  After tending to some family matters and brief visits with some loved ones, Saturday came and Tori had to head for home. We all (Mr. Scrappin, Tori, Mom-in-Law and me) decided to go get something to eat so we headed to a local cafe.  The ONLY local cafe.  :)  While we were having our meal, the waitress was giving Mr. Scrappin a bad time because he was giving HER a bad time. Good grief, I can't take him ANYWHERE!  The only sane one in the entire place was Sam, our niece, who was making the meals. I should have been back there with her. A friend of Mom-in-Law's came in and then hubby's boss came in.  It was just like old home week!  HAHAHA  I'm pretty sure they were ready to boot us out of there, but we escaped just in time.  Then...we decided to go into town (the real town that is about a million miles away) to pick up a few things. You know, just a couple. Medication, ice cream - that sort of thing.

Gotta find something to test this
on.  What is it REALLY?
This one hasn't been tested.  
We ended up at one of my favorite thrift stores, which shall remain nameless for our own protection and their own reputation. And for the sheer fact that should anyone there ever read this and find out our true identities, we will be hunted down and forced to do community service at the very least.  We can't have that; that's a really long drive for Tori to do her share.  Not an acceptable proposition.  So I found these two cute little tiny trays that I picked up.  And then I found this super cool metal basket that I just had to have.  I NEEDED IT.  Your normal browsing followed, with an "ooh" here and an "interesting" there. And then...THEY FOUND IT.  The forbidden fun aisle.  Where I found this really neato motorcycle spring that I decided was very important for me to have.  Mr. Scrappin just looked me and said no.  But, like an awesome sister-in-law would do, Tori agreed with me.  So I bought it. HAHAHAHA.   We are now awaiting the call for our own reality show because we are such awesome and creative shoppers.

Apparently this comes with no warranty.  Drat!

Testing out the hammers and
hoping they stay in one piece!
ANYHOO, as I was wandering in one spot and my mom-in-law was wandering in another spot, I heard laughing and for some odd reason thought I recognized the voices.  Yep, sure enough...there they are, hubby and his sister, cracking up and making a scene.  Seriously?  Do they not know this is my favorite place to come and that everyone there recognizes me?  Probably not since that isn't even true.  Well, it IS my favorite place to go, but nobody knows me there because someone different is always working and I really don't go all that often.  Well, of course I had to see what the Sam Hill was going on, so I moseyed right on down that aisle to what just might have been the start of our careers in history (you know, the history of being thrown out of a thrift store and banned for life).  Mr. Scrappin and Tori had found some very interesting items and were "discussing and reviewing" them.  Mhm.  

Hey little brother - CAN YOU
There was this really super rusty saw with a tag on it that read, "tested ok."  Uh, alright.  And then they found this thing that was red and looked like something they thought might be a limb cutter, but they weren't really sure.  And the tag on it read, "not tested."  Ok.  And then there were the hammers that were in a class all their own.  One had the handle that went WAYYYYY through the top of it and the other didn't even reach the top. Alrighty then...we're on a roll.  There was the air filter that was opened and the tag said, "as is." Really?  Never would have guessed that.  And there was the coffee can full of nails that said the same thing.  HAHAHA.  Wouldn't have guessed that one either.  Hmmm.  The package of opened Depends had us wondering if they would ever be purchased and, if they were, would they really ever be used?  I don't want to dwell on that too long.  It unnerves me. 

Mom trying to drive the walker.
Can you tell our family is a
little different?  LOL!
There's the ear horn thingy (that's a highly technical term) that Tori was holding up to her ear and as I was trying to take the picture I told her to hold still because she was laughing. She told me to "stop yelling...this thing really works!" We were laughing pretty hard at that point and the picture I took of her was so dang blurry that I had to settle for the testing of hubby's hearing. For some reason, people were staying clear of our section of the store but I couldn't figure out why.  Maybe there was a spider or something spotted down here? another part of town...oh wait, that's in a movie!  While all this laughing and carrying on was being carried on, we hear this "Marty!" from down at the end of the aisle. There was mom-in-law, sitting on a contraption, asking how the heck you steered this thing cuz you can't see where you're going.  BWAH HAHAHAHAHA!  It was a walker with the hand gears and the seat to rest on when you were tired.  Hubby explained that you walked with it and sat when you needed to rest.  So of course mom-in-law thought that was hysterically funny too and then we were all laughing so loudly that I'm pretty sure there were firemen out in the front wondering why they were being called to evacuate the store. 

My beautiful (light fixture) hat.
Pretty sure my modeling career
is in the tank, but isn't this the
most beautiful light fixture hat
Wise folk that we are, we decided after about an hour (OR SO) in there that it might be a prudent idea to hit the road. But wait!  On the way to the checkout, I had to stop and show mom-in-law a "hat" I found. I told her she'd been ripped off at the department store because she could have gotten this one so much less expensively.  I'm not sure why she didn't really agree with my style, but I have to say it did hurt my feelers just a tiny little tad.  When we were ready to check out, only Tori and I had purchased anything.  Seriously?  What about all the really cool stuff in that aisle?  So what if a transmission filter was labeled incorrectly as an air intake?  We might have needed that!!!  Or one of those coffee cans of rusty nails. They could have come in handy!  I cannot believe that we were the only ones to know the value of the stuff in there.  Sheesh!  Talk about non-believers!  Obviously, this is why Tori and I are getting a reality show and they are not.  And we're not sharing the profits either.

Now you don't.  Ever seen a
springy hammer before?
Now you see it...
Much to the happiness and just pure bliss of everyone that was in that store, we left with our purchases in hand just as satisfied as could be.  And I'm pretty sure that as we walked out the door, they were singing a really rousing rendition of "Take Me Out to the Thrift Store...Kick Me Out for Life....."


  1. OH mY GOSH! You folks are a hoot and would love to be there. Something I would do also. Love to laugh.

  2. Come on over!!! We'd totally take you with us and supply you with the needed mask so as not to let anyone know who you are!!!