noun: a small piece or amount of something, esp. one that is left over after the greater part has been used.
synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Sunday, August 25, 2013

What Found Me At The Thrift Store...A Sequel...

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  I hope your last week has been as wonderful as mine has!  A long-awaited vacation, getting to visit with my children and little Addisyn; exciting news; preparation for a wedding; relaxation and fun. Couldn't have been better unless it were longer.  Yes, longer is good!!!  Oh, and I had a birthday.  Turned the big 5-0.  Time to call Alex Trebec and get my old lady policy lined up.  Oh yeah, baby!!

The cutest metal basket ever.
You may recall that in last week's post, we (and by we, I mean THEM) caused a commotion at my favorite thrift store.  During that visit, I (meaning me) found a couple of cute little buys, which I mentioned in that same post.  What I didn't tell you was what I ended up doing with those lovely treasures of mine.  Thank the lucky stars I made it out of that store alive and out of handcuffs without having to return them to the shelves!! Can you imagine the horror?  Someone ELSE possibly getting their grimy hands on MY selections?  Oh no, that would have broken my heart.  I know you all know how I feel; how could you possibly even THINK about putting something back once you've chosen it to love? Oh, the pity we feel when that happens.

Just big enough to hold a
zucchini.  LOL!
Now that I am (almost) over the trauma created by Mr. Scrappin and the gang, I feel able to share my tiny little projects with you.  Actually, it's more the buys themselves that I'm sharing since I only actually transformed one of the three things I bought. BUT, you will love what I did with one of them, even though hubby did not see eye to eye with me on it.  Sis-in-law agreed with me, which is why we are (still) waiting with baited breath for our very own reality thrift shopping show.  Tori had the best name for it - Thrifty Sisters - and I think she should have a little extra of the proceeds for coming up with it.  It's brilliant!

A beautiful motorcycle spring!
Now, I know you will all be laughing at me when you see what I did with the motorcycle spring, but I tell you, it was GENIUS!.  I don't have many of those moments so I totally expect a lot of "oohing" and "aahing" over this, ok?  And, just so you know, I am not above begging for my kudos.  Really, I'm not.  In fact, I can probably do it very well if you really must know.  But yes, I turned that motorcycle spring into a cutting board holder.  Why not?  It's funky, fun, unusual and totally rad (if I do say so myself).  When I first laid eyes on that lovely thing, the first thing out of my mouth was that it would be a cool cutting board holder.  Hubby just looked at me and said no.  At which time I turned to sis-in-law and asked what she thought.  She said she could see the vision, so there ya go. It was perfect, really.  I didn't even have to do a single thing to it except run it through the dishwasher to get the dust and grime off of it.  It sits proudly on my counter and I love looking at it.  Yeah, it's weird, but that's just me.  I love being different and not having the same things as everyone else.  Who really wants a cookie cutter home? Unless there is an actual cookie involved with the cutter, it isn't for me.  

Voila!  A beautiful cutting board holder!  I love it!
Then there were these little trays that were just the cutest ever.  But I need another Christmas tray like I need more hay in the field to make me sneeze. Just sayin...don't need 'em. However, they were the absolute perfect size for two particular little dudes I know and I envisioned two tiny chalkboards.  Oh yeah, now we're talkin'!  What better than a little chalkboard of their very own to write on?  Personally, I thought it was pretty brilliant.  Mr. Scrappin just gave me another one of those looks.  Mhm, I tell ya, he DOES NOT have the gene for visionary transformation when it comes to this kind of thing. Other things, he most certainly does, but little tiny things like this, not so much. Doesn't matter; I took them home anyway.  They were calling to me and you KNOW how that goes.  

Christmas trays cute on their own...
And the little metal basket? I don't know why I need it...I just do.  You know when something just jumps into your hand and you don't even know how it got there, but all of a sudden there it is?  That's exactly what happened here.  I did pick it up at one time and then put it back.  Then after all of the hubbub going on in my normally quiet store, it somehow was in my hands at the checkout.  I couldn't bear to put it back if it was desperate enough to want to go home to MY house.  Seriously, have you BEEN to my house? I assure you, it's not the safest of places, nor is it the sanest.  It's kind of scary.  But this little basket is adorable!  It's metal and it's obviously been weathered a little bit. Hubby just shook his head and laughed at me and told me it was a golf ball bucket. So? Does that make it any less a bucket than any other?  I think not.  And does it really matter?  It was cute, lonely, needing a home and (did I already mention) cute. It NEEDED me.  Apparently I am the only one that understands this.  And I don't care because I truly *heart* it.  It's perfect on my counter or possibly on the table holding napkins or condiment packages.  So take that all you non-believers!  BOO YAH!

I'm sure that all of you thrifters agree - it's not about spending tons of money to make a beautiful home - it's
But even better as mini-chalkboards for the little dudes!
about making your home beautiful by putting your personality into it.  And who says everything has to be brand new or in today's style?  Not me.  I love being quirky and different. That's just who I am.  So show your quirkiness and go thrifting!  When you see something you like, just ask yourself, "what can I do with this?"  You just never know!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Take Me Out To The Thrift Store...

Tori and Mr. Scrappin checking it out.  What IS this?
You can see Tori holding the spring I'm buying and the
goblet that she's buying.
Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm! Well, this has been an interesting, frustrating, extremely exciting, fun and all around busy week! So much to tell, so little time. LOL!  I don't think my head has spun this much in a long time, but I am not complaining one bit (especially because I am on a much needed and anticipated vacation this week).  News, visitors, happenings...they've all come my way and I was prepared for none of it.  LOL!  

As you can see, although it's upside down, the tag says
"tested ok."
This Sunday, however, we are focusing on some fun thrift store finds and well, the "almost kicked out and banned for life" things that we were doing in the thrift store.  Alright, alright, before you start judging and rolling your eyes and asking "seriously, what DID you do?", I want you to know it was NOT MY FAULT.  None of it.  I was an innocent bystander in all of this (until I got involved, that is, and decided that I REALLY needed to share this stuff with the world). I.N.N.O.C.E.N.T.  Really, I was.  I promise.  It all started like this:

Making sure the saw really does work.  You never know if
you can trust the tag or not.
My sister-in-law, Tori, who lives about four hours away, was in town for a few days.  After tending to some family matters and brief visits with some loved ones, Saturday came and Tori had to head for home. We all (Mr. Scrappin, Tori, Mom-in-Law and me) decided to go get something to eat so we headed to a local cafe.  The ONLY local cafe.  :)  While we were having our meal, the waitress was giving Mr. Scrappin a bad time because he was giving HER a bad time. Good grief, I can't take him ANYWHERE!  The only sane one in the entire place was Sam, our niece, who was making the meals. I should have been back there with her. A friend of Mom-in-Law's came in and then hubby's boss came in.  It was just like old home week!  HAHAHA  I'm pretty sure they were ready to boot us out of there, but we escaped just in time.  Then...we decided to go into town (the real town that is about a million miles away) to pick up a few things. You know, just a couple. Medication, ice cream - that sort of thing.

Gotta find something to test this
on.  What is it REALLY?
This one hasn't been tested.  
We ended up at one of my favorite thrift stores, which shall remain nameless for our own protection and their own reputation. And for the sheer fact that should anyone there ever read this and find out our true identities, we will be hunted down and forced to do community service at the very least.  We can't have that; that's a really long drive for Tori to do her share.  Not an acceptable proposition.  So I found these two cute little tiny trays that I picked up.  And then I found this super cool metal basket that I just had to have.  I NEEDED IT.  Your normal browsing followed, with an "ooh" here and an "interesting" there. And then...THEY FOUND IT.  The forbidden fun aisle.  Where I found this really neato motorcycle spring that I decided was very important for me to have.  Mr. Scrappin just looked me and said no.  But, like an awesome sister-in-law would do, Tori agreed with me.  So I bought it. HAHAHAHA.   We are now awaiting the call for our own reality show because we are such awesome and creative shoppers.

Apparently this comes with no warranty.  Drat!

Testing out the hammers and
hoping they stay in one piece!
ANYHOO, as I was wandering in one spot and my mom-in-law was wandering in another spot, I heard laughing and for some odd reason thought I recognized the voices.  Yep, sure enough...there they are, hubby and his sister, cracking up and making a scene.  Seriously?  Do they not know this is my favorite place to come and that everyone there recognizes me?  Probably not since that isn't even true.  Well, it IS my favorite place to go, but nobody knows me there because someone different is always working and I really don't go all that often.  Well, of course I had to see what the Sam Hill was going on, so I moseyed right on down that aisle to what just might have been the start of our careers in history (you know, the history of being thrown out of a thrift store and banned for life).  Mr. Scrappin and Tori had found some very interesting items and were "discussing and reviewing" them.  Mhm.  

Hey little brother - CAN YOU
There was this really super rusty saw with a tag on it that read, "tested ok."  Uh, alright.  And then they found this thing that was red and looked like something they thought might be a limb cutter, but they weren't really sure.  And the tag on it read, "not tested."  Ok.  And then there were the hammers that were in a class all their own.  One had the handle that went WAYYYYY through the top of it and the other didn't even reach the top. Alrighty then...we're on a roll.  There was the air filter that was opened and the tag said, "as is." Really?  Never would have guessed that.  And there was the coffee can full of nails that said the same thing.  HAHAHA.  Wouldn't have guessed that one either.  Hmmm.  The package of opened Depends had us wondering if they would ever be purchased and, if they were, would they really ever be used?  I don't want to dwell on that too long.  It unnerves me. 

Mom trying to drive the walker.
Can you tell our family is a
little different?  LOL!
There's the ear horn thingy (that's a highly technical term) that Tori was holding up to her ear and as I was trying to take the picture I told her to hold still because she was laughing. She told me to "stop yelling...this thing really works!" We were laughing pretty hard at that point and the picture I took of her was so dang blurry that I had to settle for the testing of hubby's hearing. For some reason, people were staying clear of our section of the store but I couldn't figure out why.  Maybe there was a spider or something spotted down here? another part of town...oh wait, that's in a movie!  While all this laughing and carrying on was being carried on, we hear this "Marty!" from down at the end of the aisle. There was mom-in-law, sitting on a contraption, asking how the heck you steered this thing cuz you can't see where you're going.  BWAH HAHAHAHAHA!  It was a walker with the hand gears and the seat to rest on when you were tired.  Hubby explained that you walked with it and sat when you needed to rest.  So of course mom-in-law thought that was hysterically funny too and then we were all laughing so loudly that I'm pretty sure there were firemen out in the front wondering why they were being called to evacuate the store. 

My beautiful (light fixture) hat.
Pretty sure my modeling career
is in the tank, but isn't this the
most beautiful light fixture hat
Wise folk that we are, we decided after about an hour (OR SO) in there that it might be a prudent idea to hit the road. But wait!  On the way to the checkout, I had to stop and show mom-in-law a "hat" I found. I told her she'd been ripped off at the department store because she could have gotten this one so much less expensively.  I'm not sure why she didn't really agree with my style, but I have to say it did hurt my feelers just a tiny little tad.  When we were ready to check out, only Tori and I had purchased anything.  Seriously?  What about all the really cool stuff in that aisle?  So what if a transmission filter was labeled incorrectly as an air intake?  We might have needed that!!!  Or one of those coffee cans of rusty nails. They could have come in handy!  I cannot believe that we were the only ones to know the value of the stuff in there.  Sheesh!  Talk about non-believers!  Obviously, this is why Tori and I are getting a reality show and they are not.  And we're not sharing the profits either.

Now you don't.  Ever seen a
springy hammer before?
Now you see it...
Much to the happiness and just pure bliss of everyone that was in that store, we left with our purchases in hand just as satisfied as could be.  And I'm pretty sure that as we walked out the door, they were singing a really rousing rendition of "Take Me Out to the Thrift Store...Kick Me Out for Life....."

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Veni Vidi Vignette...

Some of my lovelies.  :)
Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  I trust everyone is enjoying this weekend!  I was going to say "this lovely weekend," but the lightning storms from the last two nights didn't exactly meet the qualifications of that description.  Suffice it to say that it's a weekend. LOL!  Actually, the days have been wonderfully warm to make up for the storms, but I prefer no storms.  Even though I'll be 50 in a couple of weeks, I am not ashamed to admit that I am scared sh**less of lightning. Yes, there's a story there, and lightning and I are not friends.  Although it keeps trying to intrude into my personal bubble, it just ain't gonna happen.  Nosireebob.

A close up of the cloches.
And the little tin cup.
During times of stormy weather, what's a girl to do?  Painting outside is pretty much out of the question.  As is just about everything else.  Oh sure, I COULD sew or something like that, but HAVE YOU SEEN MY CRAFT AND SEWING ROOMS LATELY?  Yeah, that aint' gonna happen either. They're pretty bad right now.  Ever since December (I know, sad, sad, sad...) when I went to my daughter's with just about every single item in my craft room packed in my car, my craft room has looked like the wreck of the Hesperus.  Not pretty at all.  Why?  Because I haven't actually put anything away.  It's all on the floor.  Oh wait...there IS a pile on the dresser that's just about to fall over.  In my defense, I did start reorganizing, which is why nothing was getting put back, but I kind of gave up.  Call it the "sick of looking at this room" disease.  Which, apparently, is long lasting and quite possibly terminal. And my sewing room?  Right now it's being held hostage as a storage for all kinds of junk.  No way could I get in there and actually sew without getting hurt. In case I haven't ever mentioned it, I like doctors from a distance, but I really don't need to get up close and friendly if I don't have to.  Know what I mean?

Aren't these the cutest?
And, since hubby and I were watching two special little dudes we know this weekend (4-year old twins), there was no way anything would get done anyway.  Little minds and little hands like to help a little too much and I like their visits to be enjoyable for them (and us).  :D  They are awfully cute, though, and they got to do lots of other stuff that was, in their words, "WOW, AUNT EWWEN, THAT'S FUN!" Hahahahaha!  Love those little guys - they totally make us laugh each and every time we have them here.  So, between running in and out, playing with the trucks outside, riding in the tractor, seeing the baby piggies, playing with the trucks inside and watching Ice Age, there wasn't much time to get a lot done.  (We WILL NOT talk about the floor that has not been mopped.)   But wait...I forgot to mention the Monster's University gummies and the Capri Sun Roaring Waters that they consumed like nothing else existed.  Those were probably the most important things.  They NEEDED those.

Love these antique tea bag holders. 
Yesterday, as Mr. Scrappin was giving the little dudes a tractor ride down to see the little piggies, I decided to clean up the kitchen (blech). You may have seen this post, which shows how much room there is behind the sink in that corner (the last picture shows it best). Don't let the picture fool you; that is one HUGE space that is good for nothing.  Neither hubby or I can reach back there so it is basically useless for any kind of kitchen goings-on.  I literally have to climb on a ladder just to wash the counter behind the sink and hubby is the same.  It's ridiculous.  Neither of us have been able to figure out just why it was designed that way, but it is.  And it's crazy. That's why it's a usually empty space that I used to just set the dish drainer on and then s-t-r-e-t-c-h to reach to actually put the dishes in.  Frustrating and mind boggling to say the least.  And then...I HAD AN IDEA!  

The other two.  They make me smile.
Before Christmas, I had purchased a corner shelf to sit the dvd player and antenna box thingy (that's a technical term, copyrighted of course) on so that we could get them up off of the little desk the tv was sitting on. The tv was a new one that I got hubby for Christmas and our friend was going to come in and attach it to the corner wall for me for part of hubby's gift. Well, the shelf didn't fit right because, yep, you guessed it, the wall wasn't exactly square. So I was left with this HEAVY corner shelf that I couldn't put anywhere else. Pooh. It went back into its box into the sewing (aka storage, for the time being) room and just sat there. Until yesterday. Woot! I can use it!!! Out it came and made its way into the kitchen. Where I struggled to put it because that sucker really IS super heavy.

A good close up of the chalkboard from Coffee Perk.
 Made from particleboard and that's my
friend's handwriting.
Mr. Scrappin was going to make me a base to put it on, rather than attaching it to the wall, because it's such a hard to reach area that it wouldn't have been feasible to try to reach under it to clean.  Never would I have been able to reach back to the corner. Until I get the base, I have it sitting on what I think are bed risers.  I'm not really sure.  They were a Goodwill find - a set of four for five dollars.  At first I thought they were some kind of planter, but there are no drainage holes.  I couldn't figure it out for a while, but it finally occurred to me that they must be bed risers.  And if they're not, too bad.  Whatever they are, they work perfectly!  Sturdy as heck and big enough to hold the strength of the shelf, they went on the counter. Yes, I did have to use the ladder.  Stop laughing.  I looked so ridiculous.  But I can now remove the shelf to clean and put it back.  Yay!

One of the canisters from the fun set of
three that my brother-in-law gave me.
So what's included in this kitchen shelf vignette, you ask?  Oh, I'm ever so glad you did!  Well, there's an old chalkboard made out of particle board from the basement of my friend's coffee shop in Southeastern Washington.  My daughter's boyfriend kiped it for me. Hee hee hee  I know the word "pastries" is spelled wrong, but it's my friend's handwriting and I don't want to erase it.  :)  It reminds me of when I went in there all the time before I moved.  And two cloches like the ones I featured here. Then there are the stacking cups I received from my Bunco secret sister one year - they match the colors of my dishes and I just love them!  A canister that my brother-in-law gave me when he found a set in the downstairs bar of the house next door to he and my sister-in-law (they bought it to rent out and were cleaning it up).  There are actually three different canisters but I couldn't decide which one to put in the vignette so I closed my eyes and did a random pick. LOL! Hey, who says EVERYTHING has to be planned?  You can also see in the back there is a little tin cup thing.  I'm not really sure what that was used for.  Doesn't matter because I think it's really cool.

The cutest little teapot ever.
And my favorites, the antique tea bag holders that my foster mother gave to me several years ago. They were her grandmother's.  I cherish these very much. Not only because she gave them to me, but because I knew they meant something to her and she gave them to me trusting that I would take care of them.  I have a teapot collection and she wanted them to have a home with relatives.  LOL!  I truly love them and I have to have them out all the time. They were sitting in the window sill, but I want them out of the way of potential breakage. They're perfect on this shelf.  In the middle of those is a small teapot. No special meaning because I bought it myself; it's just one of my favorites.

Another pic just because I think it's so fun!
Now that I have this little vignette going on, the corner looks so much better.  Not so barren and ugly.  And now I won't look at that corner every time and think that it's a waste of space.  After all, I've got some pretty special things sitting in my kitchen shelf vignette. 

Veni Vidi Vignette!!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Biscuits and Gravy Can Make a Girl Crazy...

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  Here's hoping that everyone has had a productive and fun week.  Did you get any projects done that you wanted? Go on a fabulous vacation that you've been waiting a long time for?  Just have some nice and quiet down time to relax?  Any and all things that you enjoy are productive and fun.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Look at that spicy goodness our butcher comes up with!
For me, I felt like the work week was long.  Not necessarily bad, just long. I had things I wanted to do and was really looking forward to getting some of them done. Enter the "not feeling so hot" dilemma.  I had the worst headaches that led to nausea and nothing sounded good to eat.  Couldn't sleep worth a darn and just felt so run down.  I didn't even go in on Wednesday because I felt so awful.  Thankfully it did get better, but I didn't get anything accomplished.  And yes, I felt incredibly guilty. Thinking I could just take it easy this weekend and not do a lot of anything, this is what happened:

Ready to go into the oven.
Mr. Scrappin, who just went back to the night shift, and whose patience sometimes equals that of Job, politely requested biscuits and gravy this morning; i.e., "I want biscuits and gravy."  Hmmm.  I really did not feel like making that.  Or anything else, for that matter.  So he proceeded to text my daughter - here is their conversation:

Hubby:  Good morning.
Sarah:  Hi!!
Hubby:  I want breakfast.
Sarah:  Me too.
Hubby:  Tell yo moma biskets n gravey.
Sarah:  (after texting me that he wanted biscuits and gravy) She said too bad.
Hubby:  See how she is.
Sarah:  She's a meanie.
Hubby:  And she's short.

Ok, like THAT'S gonna get him breakfast!  Right...  So, after telling my hubby that he's been mean to me (via Sarah) I told him no biscuits.  And certainly no gravy.  And what do I get?  This conversation:

Sarah:  You're a snitch.
Me:  I'm not making biscuits and gravy.  He's being incredibly obnoxious.
Sarah:  He just wants his lovely wife to make him a little biscuit with gravy on it.  He wants to taste the love.
Me:  BWAH HAHAHAHAHA!  Good try.  But no.  When he hangs my basket I will make him b&g...maybe

Fresh out of the oven  - light and fluffy!
At which time I went to lay down as now THOSE TWO were giving me a major headache.  Geez!  Gang up on a girl, wouldja?  And when I got up, this is what I got:

Sarah:  Your basket is hung.  Now it's bg time.  

Will they NEVER let up? My gosh, get off me already!  But, when I looked, my basket was hung EXACTLY where I wanted it.  Now what do I do?  So, I got out the stinkin' sausage to thaw. Keeping in mind that I didn't wake up until almost noon, it was a pretty sure bet that biscuits and gravy were not being had for breakfast.  I guess that leaves dinner.  Lunch is out of the question as I JUST GOT UP, OK????  And besides, Mr. Scrappin wasn't home.  He was down at the barn. There ya go.  I'm off the hook.

Tater tots mashed up to make fake hash browns.
Hey, whatever works!
And then...dinner time (almost) rolled around. And I had to make the biscuits.  Mr. Scrappin is a big fan of going to the store and buying stuff so he told me to just go to the store and get the canned biscuits.  WHATTTTTT!!! Sorry, no can do.  I will make my biscuits, thank you very much.  And you WILL eat them. Besides, I wasn't going anywhere. I'm still (even as I write this) in my jammies. And I like my jammies a lot.  A LOT.  So I proceeded to make the biscuits.  Ooh, yum.  Now, normally, I am NOT AT ALL a fan of biscuits.  I don't like them.  They are dry, crumbly and just plain bleck. I've never liked them and no matter how much I try, I just can't.  Kinda like roast; I don't like that either.  Anyhoo, about a year ago I ran across a biscuit recipe that I thought looked ok; meaning not dryish or crumbly like a regular biscuit.  I tried it and, well, IT ROCKS.  It's the only one I use now and I actually will eat them.  In all fairness, I went to the site that I found it on so that I could link to it and it's not there anymore, so I want to give credit to the person whose recipe it is.  Her name is Ruth Ann Stelfox of Alberta.  I kid you not, these are great!  And since I don't know the actual name of the recipe, I will call it a golden biscuit recipe since that's how she described them.  Here ya go:

Ruth Ann Stelfox's Favorite Golden Biscuits

1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup whole wheat flour
4 teaspoons baking powder
1 tablespoon sugar
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup butter or margarine
1 cup milk

In a medium bowl, combine flours, baking powder, sugar and salt; mix well.  Cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.  Stir in milk until moistened.  Turn out onto a lightly floured surface; knead gently 8 to 10 times.  Roll to 3/4-inch thickness; cut with a 2-1/2 inch biscuit cutter and place on an ungreased baking sheet.  Bake at 450 degrees F for 10 to 12 minutes or until lightly browned.  Serve warm.

See how the spices color the gravy?
As I was making the biscuits, I asked hubby what else he wanted. Eggs? To go with the breakfast theme here? Nope, he wanted hash browns. Well, guess who used the last of the potatoes last night and will not be going to the store any time soon?  Did I already mention that? Thought so.  Not. Happening.  What to do...what to do?  Mr. Scrappin really wants hash browns.  So I did what any good little wife would do - I called his mother.  She lives next door (well, a quarter mile away is next door to us out here) and I just knew she would save me.  As the phone kept ringing and the answering machine came on, I knew I was doomed.  She's not home.  Or she's down at the barn with the newest little piggies.  Crap.  And then I had a brilliant moment; a life changing idea; a desperate "hey, I hope I still have some tater tots" flash.  And I said to myself, "self, go to thine freezer."  And my self did.  AND MY SELF FOUND SOME TATER TOTS! Woot!  What am I going to do with these tater tots, you ask? Well, I'm so glad you did - I'm going to make hash  browns out of them.  Fake ones, obviously.  I put a little oil in my pan like I would for my own hash browns and I dumped those tots right in. As they started to cook a little, I mashed them down. Voila - fake hash browns! Incredibly genius; absurdly bright of me!  Then stepson popped in and said he'd done the very same thing last night.  Bubble buster! I made him go home.

Biscuits & Gravy, fake hash browns and eggs from my
friend Leslie's chickens.  Hubby is happy!
Since I was fairly certain hubby was starving, I decided to go ahead and start the sausage gravy right then.  I plopped that sausage right out of it's white butcher paper and into the pan .  Knowing how much Mr. Scrappin like the Italian sausage, that's what I pulled out this morning for him.  We raise our own pigs so we have a ton of sausage, bacon, pork chops - you get the gist here.  He likes the Italian sausage and I like the regular.  I kind of switch off so we use both up.  I will admit, though, that the Italian sausage has a wonderfully spicy flavor and is perfect for biscuits and gravy.  I don't know how everyone else does it, but I'm a fairly lazy gravy cooker when it comes to biscuits and gravy.  Since this is usually a morning or mid-morning dish, I don't want to spend all day at it.  I break up my sausage and cook it through, then after draining any grease, I add the flour directly to the sausage in the pan.  It gets mixed in really well this way and seems to absorb any little tiny bits of grease left in the pan.  After mixing that for a minute or two, I add my milk.  Usually I like to add at least a little bit of evaporated milk to the gravy before adding in regular milk, but I didn't have any today.  Have I mentioned yet that I was not going to the stinkin' store?  LOL!

So, I've got the biscuits finished, the gravy just about done, and hash browns on their way to crispiness.  And hubby decides that since we are actually having hash browns, how about those eggs?  Good grief.  Will this nightmare never end? Really? NOW you want the eggs?  Sigh...ok, he gets eggs.  And now that it's all done, he better eat it.  ALL OF IT.