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Sunday, July 28, 2013

On the Hook...

Notice the really cool rusty hinges?
Great for hanging a banner!
Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm! How is everybody?  Ok, that answer was not loud enough for me to hear so...let's try this again. HOW IS EVERYBODY? That's better!  Glad to hear you're all doing well and enjoying yourselves.

This last week was finally hot here.  Hot as in everybody else was frying and I was comfortable.  I'm not sure if that's good or not, but I'm going to take it.  It doesn't happen often enough for me.  On top of my being happy about the heat, we also got a new (used) car, which was sorely needed.  Chalking it up to good luck and good timing and running with it!

Ooooooo, I love the chippiness of the paint!
Since this week was so busy and hectic, the project I wanted to share didn't actually happen so I am sharing with you a quick and easy by-the-front-door coat rack that we did a few months ago. As in the middle of winter a few months ago.  This also was sorely needed. With all the space in this house, you would think we have a nice sized hall closet, right? BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Uh, no.  I actually measured it and it is exactly 24 inches wide.  Which means we can fit about two and a half coats if they're not too bulky.  Seriously, WHO makes a two-foot closet?  

Isn't this the coolest hook?
It looks like a mad face with a cigar!
Anyhoo, I got reallllllll tired of coats and bags hanging on the dining room chairs, over the couch, on the recliner and everywhere else a free space was. Which meant that there was no more free space for anything. Aggravating. Mr. Scrappin had brought me a few doors and windows, including  this one and this one, that he'd found down in the barn when he was clearing it out. Of course he knew better than to get rid of them, which just makes him the world's smartest husband in my book. Although his mother did tell me he got rid of one and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Is it just me, or is it scary that I have an addiction to these worn out, old and scruffy items?  For some reason, I just love them.  They have character and there is an endless array of things you can do with them.  In my opinion, anyway.  

After picking up about a zillion coats and sweaters and other crap, er, um, items to find my coat so I could get out the door and off to work one morning, I decided I'd had enough.  Off to Home Depot I went and found these hooks for hanging stuff. Like coats.  And sweaters.  And hats.  And bags.  You know, stuff.  I told hubby that he was going to by gosh make me a coat rack RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE and he was so agreeable.  Actually, it didn't happen quite that way, but I was feeling bossy just now so I thought it sounded really cool.  What REALLY happened was that I (actually) nicely asked if it would be doable to make a coat rack out of this door and he said yes.  Yay! Isn't he just awesome?

Right inside the front door.  I love it!
I actually had taken pictures as we (translation - HE - remember, I'm not allowed to play with power tools) did the honors, but they accidentally got erased somewhere in all the hullabaloo of life. Meaning that one of us erased them but we don't really know which one.  So that leaves two innocent people and a gremlin in this house somewhere. Not that it really matters; how much can you show when you're attaching hooks to a door?  LOL!  Although I'm sure you would have been QUITE fascinated by the adventure, I'm sorry to disappoint you and leave you with only these few pictures. Originally, I had toyed with putting frames or pictures or something on the inside to liven it up, but I decided I really like it the way it is.  If I get desperate for something, the hinges on the top can always hold a banner of some sort or some hanging thingy (that's a technical term).

While we're here, I want you to know that Mr. Scrappin had taken up THREE of the FIVE hooks, leaving me only TWO.  For fairness in the pics, I moved his stuff off of the middle one so as not to feel left out. After all, I had the idea and I got the hooks! AND I handed him the screws!

However it turns out, I'm just glad these things are no longer on the chairs and couches and are now on the hook(s)!


  1. oh i love this coat hanger! awesome

  2. Thank you! It truly was born of necessity, but I really love it! Who says you have to have something new ALL the time?

  3. Thank you! I love older things turned into something useful.

  4. Great idea, your door coat hooks will hold a lot of the items that were hanging on the furniture. Following on bloglovin and GFC.

  5. Thank you Joy. I'm liking not having everything all over the furniture (now if I could only get rid of the dog hair!).

    Thank you so much for following!!!

  6. What a great idea ~ I need one of these!

  7. Yes, you do!! LOL! I love looking at it, and a couple of times I've even moved Mr. Scrappin's stuff so I could hog more of it.

    Thanks so much for coming by. I hope you come back. :)

  8. Looks great...perfectly chippy :)

  9. Thank you Laurel! I consider that a great compliment from the Queen of Chippiness!

  10. I hope I can find those hooks, they are great looking, different and snazzy, love them. Your coat rack is awesome. Perfect for the job and handsome. I might just have a cupboard door I could use for those to go in mudroom.
    Oh how I know what you mean. Hubs coat ends up hanging on sewing room door knob. The knob is less than two feet away from closet door but it ends up either on knob or the chair by my sewing machine which is farther than the closet, go figure. Hubs keeps nagging me every winter about having too many jackets and coats, me that is, not him of course. The bottoms of longer jackets, coats end up laying on box with fabric in it. It's a small closet and lots has to go in it, (meaning whatever I can't find another spot for.)

  11. I found them in the hook and knob aisle of Home Depot. There were a ton at ours and it looked like they were a very common item so hopefully you'll be able to get some! A cupboard door would be just perfect for a mudroom! If you do it, please send me a pic so I can admire it!