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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Burlap Covered Barstool...

Plain birch wood bar stools.  
Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  Here's to all of us that have survived the week and are almost rejuvenated enough to start the new one.  Um, that pretty much actually leaves me out, but I can pretend, right?  Right.

Looks like someone's initials
scratched in the top.
Most of you know I'm trying to paint my kitchen and my cabinets. It's been slow going, but it is getting there.  :) I'm going to be so happy when it's finally finished! I took a break this week from painting (not my choice; Dr. says so) but I found something else to work on.  hee hee hee Seriously, did he REALLY think I wouldn't do ANYTHING? Sorry, doc, but a girl has to have something to look forward to.  And since I couldn't paint or do anything with my shoulder, hubby also had to clean the old oven out so that we could pass it on to its new owners in nice condition.  How rude would it be if we just handed it over and it wasn't cleaned? Thanks hubby!  You're the best.

Upside down to start the
Since I'm limited right now with what I can and cannot do, I had to look around the house and see what I could manage to tear apart, mangle, redo, upcycle, etc. There were a couple of things that I could repurpose, but I hooked onto the two bar stools that we have.  The ones that are just plain blah.  They're sturdy, alright, but they have nothing going on as far as any interest. I'm telling you, these guys are B.O.R.I.N.G.  And since I'll soon (hopefully) be getting back to the painting, these guys will look much better with the new paint job than they do now.  Trust me on this.  

I think these are your standard birch wood stools that you see in millions of homes all across the country.  While they're functional (sometimes we even bring them into the living room to use as tv trays because we're lazy), they just need a little personality of their own.  While everything else in the kitchen and dining room is going to be redone, I wouldn't want these little guys to feel left out. And I know they would.  They told me so.

Completely painted and dried.
Since they are so nice and sturdy, there wasn't any trying to tighten, fix or put back together anything on them. That's a total plus.  I don't know how long hubby has had them since they came way before I did.  At first I figured I would just put a nice coat of paint on them and call it good. But then I thought they wouldn't really have a finished look to them. And they might just be a little too much next to the painted cabinet where they are normally used.  They wouldn't completely blend in since the paint colors are different, but I didn't think there would be enough contrast for my liking.  And I wanted them to look a little more farmy.  That's my newest word.

Part of a burlap bag that I cut up.
I bought some spray paint and went to town (after I cleaned them up of course).  These were really not the easiest things to paint since they were so open, but that's ok.  I developed a rhythm and went from there. I started with them upside down first and then turned them over to paint the top when they were dry.  The painting on the top of the stool was actually an afterthought since I was planning on covering the top of them. But then I thought that maybe if part of the color was going to show through, it would look better if that color matched the rest of the stool.  Ooh, now I was using the old noggin!

Just needs to be stapled on
the underneath so it looks
neatly finished.
Once the stools were dry, I cut up an old burlap sack that I had (I have several just because I think they're so cool looking) and made it large enough to entirely fold over the seat.  I haven't yet stapled it directly on; I need to measure a little closer to have a better finished fit. For now, I've just masking taped the ends to the underneath of the stool for pictures' sake.  Once hubby gets the staple gun from the shop I'll be able to staple the burlap on nice and tight.  Can't wait for that!  I think it will look great!

Other than the painting and the cutting of the burlap sack, there isn't really a lot to these so I'm sure doc will be happy that I haven't gone against his wishes.  I hope you enjoy the burlap covered bar stools.  I cannot wait to show them with the finished kitchen/dining room paint job, where they will really hold their own and be noticed!

Spray paint (Caribbean Sand multi-colored, textured) by Rustoleum; Burlap sack from unknown source.


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    1. Thank you, Mary Pat! I can't wait to use them!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Laurel! I'm excited about them; they'll fit in perfectly!

  3. The stools are going to look so cute with the burlap covering!!!

  4. They really do look so cute! I can't wait for the rest of painting to be done so that they really shine on their own! Thanks so much for popping in and leaving such a nice comment!

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  6. love this idea! I have yet to purchase my first grain sack, but after seeing your project, I think I'll keep my eye out for some. Looking forward to seeing how you finish it out.

  7. Geneva, thank you so much for checking out my latest project! Burlap bags have so many fun things just waiting to be done with them!

  8. Those stools are looking great. It's so frustrating when you can't get on with things....I like the way you got around that!

  9. haha, I know! It's like, come one now, let's be able to do this! Thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice comment. :) Please come back again!