noun: a small piece or amount of something, esp. one that is left over after the greater part has been used.
synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Window to my World...

Where the paint is darker there is no
glass in the window
Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  The rained in, muddy, soaking wet farm!  Yep, today, in the middle of what should be summer, we have had heavy rain all day.  The kind so loud I couldn't hear Mr. Scrappin talking to me over it.  I hope it wasn't important!  Wow! We made the mistake of leaving the windows open and everything is soaked.  The carpet, the bed, the headboard...holy partying cows, this is not good.  Good thing I have a LOT of towels!

I am NOT using this ugly gray side!
You can see the broken glass better in
this pic though.
While all this was happening, hubby was being his ever-so-helpful self and telling me he needs cookies.  FOURTEEN DOZEN cookies, to be exact.  Riiiiiighhht!  Of course I said no.  And then he said that maybe he didn't need to help me with my project.  Hmmm, what's a girl to do?  Ok, ok, I gave in.  But NOT to 14 dozen cookies! Just a regular batch.  I don't think the kitchen is big enough for the massive amount of sugar imbibing that he wants to do.  And of course they have to be chocolate chip. Seriously?  Like he doesn't know that's my fave?  How can I not eat some of those?  Hmmmph.  But, I needed his help on my project, so chocolate chip it is.

Hubby made shanks to put the knobs
on and put them in the window for me.
Now, you may know that I like to try and make things out of, junk...I already have, so this one is a doozy.  Mr. Scrappin thinks I've finally gone mental. WRONG!  I think it's a great idea!  Who doesn't want an extra window in their kitchen?  And who doesn't need something to hang things on? And who doesn't, well, you can fill in the rest of it. Once I explained what it was I needed done, I got that "why can't you just do it yourself" look.  And I gave that "cuz" answer that I'm so fond of.  After all, I'm not allowed to play with sharp objects, fire or power tools (see my profile if you don't believe me) so how was I going to manage this on my own?  I only needed ONE little teensy thing from him.  Really!

Knobs are on.  Doesn't that break look
strangely like a ball went through it?
So, we've got this old window with broken glass in it that hubby found in the barn when he was cleaning it out.  Good man that he is, he asked if I wanted it for anything. hee hee hee Got him trained pretty well, huh?  There were also a couple that had no glass in them and of course we kept those as well.  It was one of the windows with no glass that I was going to use for this project, but Mr. Scrappin decided that he liked the one with the broken window in it. Interesting.  I wasn't so sure about that.  But, since he rarely asks for anything and usually has pretty darn good ideas, I went with it. See?  I can compromise!  Onward I went (after about three months of this thing sitting in my kitchen).

Glass cabinet knobs in between the
larger door knobs.
I had gotten some old door knobs a few months ago, just for this project.  They've been sitting on one of the living room end tables waiting for me to do something with them. You'd think I could at least put them somewhere in the meantime, right?  Uh.  No. They just sat there.  For what seemed like forever.  They probably thought I forgot all about them.  But I didn't.  Truth?  That window was so stinkin' dirty that I just plain didn't want to clean it up.  Thank your lucky stars that I forgot to take a before picture.  You'd have fainted, trust me.  We're talking about a window that was in the barn for over 40 years.  D.I.R.T.Y.!  I actually stuck it in the shower and turned the water on it to get the top grime off before I took it out and scrubbed it clean.  

Framing my mixer and blender until the
wire for hanging gets put on.   
But it's a cool window!  I let it dry for a couple of days before doing anything to make sure it was dry clear through.  It got pretty soaked in the shower and then with the scrubbing.  One side is this ugly gray, and the other side is what I presume used to be white.  I really wanted the broken side to be to the right, but that gray was just too ugly for me to handle.  So, white it is.  Plus, I think the knobs stand out better and that to me gives it more personality.

Sitting on the floor for a cleaner view.
Hubby made some shanks for me to fit inside the door knob shafts.  He cut them and put them on the window bottom for me so I could stick the knobs right over them. Awesome!  I'm quite sure the knobs wouldn't have stayed on by themselves for long if he hadn't done that. After that, I hot glued around the bottom of the shanks and stuck the knobs on, holding them down for a minute so they would adhere to the window.  Then I hot glued three more old glass cabinet knobs between the big knobs.  Love it!  Seriously, it could not have been any simpler.  When it quits raining, hubby will go to the shop and get some wire to put on the back so we can hang it. Until then, it will sit on the kitchen counter with my mixer and  blender behind it.  

A few of my aprons.
What are all those knobs for anyway?  To hang my aprons on.  I have a few and I'm always on the lookout for more.  Any unused knobs can be used to hang old utensils or something.  Possibly a pie plate or framed recipe will go in the spot where the window is broken, but I haven't decided yet.  Do I have to know everything right this minute? All I know is that this little window is a tiny bit of insight to my world of loving old things and trying to use them for something fun and productive.


  1. Love the combination of all the old knobs!

  2. Thank you, Cynthia! I do too! Thanks so much for popping in. I hope you come back soon.

  3. How cute! I know what you mean - I have some burlap bags in our barn that have been there whoknowshowlong. But, oh, I want them :)

    Love the old knobs!

  4. Colleen, I have some burlap bags too. They're still waiting. LOL! Maybe you need to come on over and we can burlap bag our way to something. hahaha

    Thank you so much for coming by and commenting! I hope you come back again!

  5. Looks great...perfect for your aprons :) Laurel

    1. Thanks Laurel! I really like it! I'm thinking maybe a little curtain for it but I haven't decided.

  6. Live this!! I have a few old windows waiting around for a project t too so thanks for the inspiration. I love the mismatched knobs - adds even more character

  7. Thank you Alex! I really appreciate your comment! And thank you so much for coming by to visit my blog. I hope you come back soon!