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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Signs of the Times...

Sad, lonely, grimy shelves.  :(
Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  I'm hoping everyone has had a wonderful week!  The weather is changing to warm up and start acting like summer and it's about time!  I know some of you are in areas that have had massive heat indexes, though and I pray that you can find relief.  I may like hot, but I don't like dangerously hot and I don't want any of you being in danger of heat stroke or any other issues that could result from such high temperatures.  Please take care!

Cleaned off and with a purpose!
Now that warmer temps are here and we can actually do something...anything...I am happy to report that I have done (waiiiitttt for it) NOTHING.  My week has been pretty filled up between work and getting some tests done and I have just been a little tired.  So, nothing has been accomplished.  Until yesterday, when I decided I needed to get off my heiny and clean house., I did not.  Well, I did get off my heiny, but I did not clean house.  Unless you count doing the dishes.  Which, in our house, COULD constitute cleaning house because we use so many.  I don't understand how that happens with just the two of us.  Am I really that lazy? Uh...apparently so.  I am so, so sad at that revelation (not that I haven't had it many times before, but it still makes me sad).

With a sloppy coat of textured spray
paint.  Perfect for what I'm wanting
to do.
Well, instead of cleaning house, which just seemed a little too busy for me (hey, I needed a quiet day, ok?), I decided to make something for my kitchen.  Because my kitchen is boring. And only partially painted.  And in need of some fresh blood. Mainly mine, but I was able to keep the blood spatter to nil this time around.  Oh, I'm so proud of myself!  No maiming or bloodshed, no bruises or thumb hits.  All was well.  For probably the first time in history! Which means I must think of a way to celebrate!

A quick coat of creamy white paint.
So, I've had these shelves sitting around for a long time now.  When I first met Mr. Scrappin, he had this funky shelf system that had these weird plastic pole segments holding this shelving together.  Not very sturdy at all. I just found it interesting. Well, when I ended up moving up here and bringing all my junk, er, um...things, some of his had to go. That interesting, not very sturdy shelf being one of them. We got rid of the plastic pole thingies but kept the actual shelf parts.  Which then went up onto the top of cabinets to fit into the recess so they could hold my teapot collection.  Once up there, they were never heard from again.  See those clean spots inside all that dust? Yep, that's how it went.  They never came back down.  Until recently, when I started painting the kitchen.  

Slightly distressed - just
enough to let the brown come
Since I didn't put my teapots back up there, the shelves didn't go back up either.  So they've been sitting at the end of my counter on the floor looking pathetic.  And I do mean pathetic.  Dirty, grungy, sickly alone pathetic.  They needed something to do. I'm pretty sure they were feeling unloved and abandoned (which, admittedly, was true) and were wanting some way to feel useful again.  Hmmm...what to do?  I thought about using them as shelves; after all, isn't that what they were originally? But I didn't really like that idea.  Nah, they needed some renewal. Revival.  Love. Someone to look at them and admire them for all of their devotion and hard work. Yeah. Cut to the chase and they just needed to be off of my kitchen floor.  They were driving me nuts!

Outdated picture frames.
Since I needed some kind of decor for my kitchen that was more in tune with my tastes now, I thought maybe these guys could help me.  But what could I do with them?  Our walls aren't really set up for a lot of weight, as where I'm putting them are above windows and those windows pretty much make up the walls.  But those spaces had been empty and I wanted something up there, even if it was only temporarily to take away the dullness.  I remembered seeing some great prints online so I searched until I found them.  The prints are very quiet, vintage and just cute. Perfect for my little space above the windows.  My project was born.  And changed a couple of times along the way.

Spray painted black for continuity.
First, I had to clean those grimy shelves. Thank goodness there are only two down right now. The rest of them are still on top of the other recesses of cabinets that haven't been painted yet.  These suckers were G.R.I.M.Y.  After cleaning them off, I took them outside and spray painted them with some textured paint that looks kind of like stone.  Once they were dry, I painted over them with the paint that I have been using on my kitchen cabinets.  I thought it might be a nice enough contrast, but still look ok when I distressed it. Hopefully the colors would be what I was looking for.  After everything dried, I took a sanding sponge (don't ask me, my hubby found it in his garage and it has different sanding textures on every side) and swept it over the tops the shelves to bring some of the brown texture through to the top.  Not exactly how I had pictured it, but not too bad.

Hot glue frames to shelf.
Love these vintage printables!
While those were drying and waiting to be distressed, I found some metal frames that I have had sitting in a drawer wasting space because I can't stand to get rid of something once I've paid for it.  They served their purpose for a long time, but I didn't have anywhere to put them now so they were relegated to a some-day drawer.  You know, some day I'll do something with them but I don't know what at the moment?  That kind of drawer.  Don't judge; I know you all have one! I took those outside and spray painted them with black chalkboard paint.  It's the only black paint I have so that's what I used.  But I was happy with it because it's not a shiny paint.  I'm not really one for shiny if that tells you anything.  Anyhoo, they turned out just like I wanted them to!  Yay!

And these ones too!
Then I downloaded the prints that I found here and here; printed to the sizes I wanted and put them in the painted frames.  Those painted frames then got arranged and hot glued to the distressed shelves.  I did rip the stands off of the back of the frames so they would lay flat.  Pull carefully so as not to rip the entire cardboard back into pieces.  Not hard at all.  A little time spent waiting for paints to dry, but not all that long.  All in all, this was a super simple project that makes my kitchen wake up just a little more and be seen.  The best part is that if I change my mind, I can always put new graphics or prints or labels or whatever in the frames.  So easy to switch out if I want to!  

Both of them finished!  I love them!
The best part is, I already had everything, so this project literally cost me nothing to do.  I love that!  With all of us trying to be frugal and still make our homes match our personalities, it's just signs of the times that we want to use what we already have.

Spray paint (Multicolored Textured Brown; Chalkboard Paint Black) by Rustoleum; Creamy White paint by Behr; Printables (Spoonful of Sugar, Roll With It, Be Grateful) courtesy of Over The Big Moon; Printables (Mixing Bowls, Scale, Cake Stand) courtesy of The Handmade Home.


  1. Love it when you can make something out of things you already have on hand...which is why I too have a someday drawer...ok there's more than a drawer at my house ;). Chat soon, laurel

  2. LOL, mine is more than just a drawer also, Laurel! I'm ashamed. :)

  3. Love the ideas -- just installed a wall sized antique cabinet in my kitchen.. took the glass doors and drawers off, sanded then spray painted them a glossy white. I left them out in the sun and the paint "baked" on for a really hard finish -- They look great! Now I have to figure out how to do the rest of it to match. LOL

    Following from the ATA Girls Blog with the Friday Blog Hop.

  4. Dani, what a great idea! Going to check your blog out right now! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. what a great project - thanks for sharing!!

  6. Thank you Geri! I enjoyed doing it and it looks great in the kitchen!

  7. These are adorable!!! And here I thought I came up with a good idea to put a picture on an old shelf... I guess I'm not so original after all :) Brilliant to use the hot glue too!!!

  8. Thanks, Jamie! I think we're all original in our own way, which is what makes this so much fun! Thank you so much for stopping in; I hope you come back soon!