noun: a small piece or amount of something, esp. one that is left over after the greater part has been used.
synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Poorly Painted Pitcher (A Fail Story)...

Sitting in that big ol' box in
the living room.
Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm! How has your week been?  Warm?  Fun?  Anything? We finally got almost an entire week of nice weather; some would same it was too warm, but I say no sir.  It was perfect!  Hubby thought we needed to have the air conditioner on and we just passed these looks back and forth all week. Mine said, "it's freezing in here, can you turn that off?" His said, "are you nuts? It's hot!" hahaha And so it goes all year long, no matter what the weather. I'm hot or cold; he's entirely the opposite. Seriously, how do we even live together? LOL! Ah well, such is life.

Noticeably bad paint job.
A while back, I got the brilliant idea to take one of my glass pitchers and paint it.  Why?  Because I'm trying to do a little sumpin' sumpin' to my kitchen and I'm poor.  That's why.  Painting a pitcher would be cool. Actually, I have three glass pitchers; two are perfectly clear of any design and one was a pitcher I've had for about 25 years now and the design on it was faded and blah.  I loved it when I first got it; it matched my entire dishes and canister set.  I even at one point had cabinet knobs to match.  Alas, the dishes got broken one by one until the point where I didn't even have a complete set anymore.  I couldn't bear to get rid of the pitcher though.  It's the perfect size and a nice shape. I've always loved it.  

This side isn't so bad.
When I started doing little things to my kitchen (aka anything with a little personality cuz we had nothing but boring going on in there), I thought maybe I could use those three glass pitchers to hold my kitchen utensils.  Have I ever mentioned how many kitchen utensils I have?  If not, I won't mention it now.  It might fry the cells in your brain to try to count that high...I'm pretty sure a bazillgillion is a lot higher than I can even count.  I've never tried, but I'm not about to give myself that kind of a headache.  My thought was that I'd have the cooking spoons in one, the spatulas in one and my other baking things in one.  Then I got the really cool thought to chalkboard paint them so that I could label them.  You know, in case I forgot what those things were when I was looking at them and trying to figure out which one to use for what.  That thought went by the wayside when I saw the stone-textured paint (see how I used it differently here).  

So disappointed.  :(
I thought the stone-textured paint would be really cool to cover up the faded design on my favorite pitcher.  It broke my heart, but it just wasn't fitting in anymore and really needed to be up with the times. So...I taped off the top part and went at it.  I have to admit that I think it's a big pain in the rear to use.  No matter how hard I shook the can, the paint would spit out nothing but air and then all of a sudden a big glop. No smooth spraying with this stuff, at least not from me.  It ran in several places and didn't cover in others. I don't know if it's the texture or the way I was trying to do it, but it was very hard for me to use.  I let it sit for several weeks; I actually did this pitcher way before I did the signs in my other post.  But I didn't like it and it just stayed in this giant box that I had it sitting in (aka the new stove box that sat in the living room for four weeks until I threatened hubby's life that it needed to be gone).  

This side isn't so bad either.
My tater utensils make it
look way better though!
When I finally took it out, I just looked at it.  Still didn't like it.  Time did not change my mind on this one.  The color?  LOVE IT!  The end result?  HATED IT!  Now, what was I going to do with it?  Scrape it all off, paint over it, what?  Well, I didn't really want to scrape it all off because with my luck I'd break it.  I'm really good at that; in fact, it's one of my specialties. I just broke a glass today taking it out of the dishwasher.  How does that happen?  Anyhoo, I decided to just leave it alone and put it in the very back of a cupboard somewhere so I'd never have to look at it again.  Problem...I don't have any cupboards that have a very back.  They're all actually pretty shallow.  Ah well, it was a good thought.

When I got the one side of the kitchen painted (it's still the only side painted) and moved the refrigerator over, I thought maybe I could put it on top of the fridge. At least that way it wouldn't be so noticeable that I epically failed at the painting. Would it? Well, yeah, it would, but what the heck. I decided to do it anyway. After a couple of days, I decided it needed to hold something because it was getting on my nerves just sitting there like that by itself. What to put...what to put...I wasn't going to put utensils in to use; at this point I don't like it enough for it to be out on the counter and looked at up close. So, I asked myself, "self, what would you do if you were me? I know you are me, but I'm asking anyway." Myself said, "how about those old potato mashers/ricers that you have?" Myself is a genius! The potato mashers/ricers are kind of bulky and would draw the eye to them and away from the horrid paint job. AHA!

I have to admit that I actually do like them in there!  If only the paint job were decent, I'd be totally happy.  But hey, I can't have everything.  I'll leave the paint as is until I figure something else out...perhaps wrap with burlap or muslin and tie with twine or something?  We'll see.  For now, I hope you all enjoy looking at my epic texture paint failed pitcher with the tater utensils.

Spray paint (Multicolored Textured Brown) by Rustoleum.


  1. what a fun way to hold your utensils- looks great

  2. Thanks, Mary Pat. It's not so bad as long as it's far enough away for me not to see the glops. LOL. But I do love my utensils and they've got to be out somewhere!

  3. Sorry your painted pitcher didn't turn out the way you envisioned. But don't be too critical with yourself -- shabby chic is so popular you could always claim that is the effect you wanted.

    Thanks for visiting my Bay View Post. Love walking those neighborhoods because it takes one back to a simpler time.


  4. So true, Debra! I could always lie! LOL! As soon as I saw the name Bay View, I had to look. It's so beautiful there and, you're so right; it takes you back to a simpler time. So calming.

    Thanks so much for stopping in to visit me. I hope you come back soon!

  5. I think it looks great! And what a fun way to use it!

    Have a blessed day!

  6. Thank you Karianne! I'm getting used to it. I do love the color and the arrangement.

    Thanks so much for coming!

  7. I hate when things don't go as planned. But honestly in pictures it doesn't look bad. I think it looks great as a utensil holder.

  8. Me too Brandi. LOL Makes me crazy. Thank you for your nice comment and for cheering me up. :) Please come back soon!