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synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm So Blue...

Look at these goodies!
Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!  Did you do anything fun or exciting? Or maybe just plain old relaxing?  I sure hope so! Here, we have had severe thunder and lightening storms, with torrents and torrents of rain.  Wow, these have gone on for a while now! Looks like they're just about over, though, so that's good.  Although, here we are, mid-July, and haven't even had to turn on a sprinkler yet!  I guess there's a good/bad quality about this, huh?  LOL!

The cutest blue cup!  With
Kona blend coffee.  Mmmm.
In between the beginnings of the storms a couple of weeks ago, I was looking at rolling pins on Ebay. "Why on Ebay," you ask?  "Because I have a collection," I answer. And sometimes Ebay has some really interesting old ones.  I did happen to come across one that was pretty cool; it was an Ironstone rolling pin, which I've never seen.  Bidding was uppermost in my mind, but I didn't really know about the pricing since I'd not seen one before.  It was awesome, though!  So, since I was extremely interested in this rolling pin, I started searching for some information about it. Although I couldn't really find what it was I was looking for, I DID find THIS:  The Ironstone Nest.  

Is this the greatest jar ever?!
When I first clicked on it, I didn't realize that I would be looking at a blog (cuz I didn't really read the description before I clicked, thank you very much). But as I got into it and started reading it, let me tell you, this is an AWESOME blog! I loved it!  (I actually forgot about the rolling pin as I started going through the blog and reading the different posts)  This lady loves to collect ironstone and the things she has done decorating-wise are so welcoming and appealing to the eye.  I seriously did fall in love with her blog.  I'm telling you, you NEED to check it out.  No, it's not all about ironstone; there are lots of different things in it.  But, trust me on this - you WILL love it.  I guarantee it.

See how old it is?  Love it!
Well, as I was reading through her blog, I saw a post where she was doing an all blue giveaway. Now, I don't normally enter these things, not only because I never win, but because a lot of times what's being given away isn't something that I have to have.  Not that they're not nice giveaways; I didn't say that at all!  Every one I've seen has been a fabulous giveaway; just not what I'm wanting at that moment.  But THIS one - well, it had this awesome old blue mason jar.  And I NEEDED that!  Desperately.  It was was was authentic...did I mention that I needed it desperately?  That's what I noticed first.  But that wasn't all!

Pretty box that the soap
came in.
There was a cute blue cup, with a packet of lovely coffee to go with it; a pack of colorful thank you cards; a huge bar of verbena soap  and a candle.  Now, this is not just another candle.  This one is a sea salt and ginger scented candle.  Ooh, now I'm completely interested.  But, seriously, I never win.  I passed up the giveaway.  Later that day, I was still thinking about that mason jar.  Hmmm, it will fit perfectly in my kitchen with my decor.  I really and truly needed it!  I still passed up the giveaway.  And went back to researching the rolling pin.

This is what the soap looks
like.  I don't know if I can use
it, it's so pretty!
Then I went back to Laura's blog (that's her name, you know) and read some more.  There was just something homey and comforting about her blog.  And then I did it.  I read it again (as well as some more posts that I hadn't read the first time) and I ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY.  And promptly forgot all about it. Seriously, all the people that had entered and I had a chance?  Wasn't going to happen. But, I got home from work a couple of days later and guess what?  I HAD WON!!!  Really and truly, I had won!  I read the email a couple of times and then clicked on her link to see where she had announced it, thinking that maybe she had sent the wrong person that email.  I won! And, of course, I was happy about that!  Woo hoo! Thank you Laura!!!

The cutest ever thank you cards.
I know some of you are asking, "why an all blue giveaway?"  Well, because Laura has just had a brand spanking new baby boy!  What could be more appropriate?  Blue! Congratulations, Laura and hubby!  I know he's a beautiful little guy!  

Sea Salt & Ginger candle.
Love the paisley design.
My winnings were mailed out right away and I got them just a couple of days later.  It was all I could do to not rip that box wide open, but I took my time and opened it like a lady.  Well, not EXACTLY a lady, but you get the drift.  My goodies were wrapped very nicely in tissue paper and padding, with a twill ribbon holding it.  What a pretty presentation.  Me?  I throw stuff into a box.  And yes, I kept the twill.  You know I'll use it for something, right?  I did have a slight anxiety attack when hubby went to light the candle (I wasn't ready!) but luckily he backed off right away when I did a little sucking in of the breath, squeaking kind of sound.  These are the best goodies ever!

Love my goodies!!!!
After you get done taking a look at my loot, how about you stop over to Laura's blog and give it a check out?  The Ironstone Nest  I promise you that it's worth your time.  And, if she ever does another giveaway, DON'T ENTER IT!  I want to win that one too!

Thank you so much, Laura, for making me so blue!


  1. Congratulations on your lovely win. I'm glad the blue jar haunted you enough to make you go back!

  2. Thank you Dora! I'm glad too!

  3. Jealous am I!!! I'm going through a pale blue period myself and you've got the treasure of my dreams :) Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my origami garland!

    1. I'll share with you! :) Thank you so much for coming by and visiting with me.

  4. Replies
    1. It IS awesome, Mary Pat! I'm totally loving it! :D

  5. Replies
    1. Pure luck, Laurel! I'm in mason jar heaven. LOL

  6. Congratulations on your wonderful giveaway win! Love all your blue treasures especially that candle and the mason jar. Sounds like you'll really be enjoying every one of them:-)

    1. I will be, Betsy! I'm in love with them all! Thank you so much for coming by. I hope you return!