noun: a small piece or amount of something, esp. one that is left over after the greater part has been used.
synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Monday, May 28, 2012

Don't Sweat It...

Hello, Happy MONDAY and Welcome to the Farm!  Yes, it's Monday, not Sunday.  I sort of got a little distracted looking at different knobs and pulls for my kitchen transformation so did not get my post done  yesterday.  Sorry! It's not my fault...REALLY!  Do you have any idea how hard it is to pull yourself away from knobs?  I'm not looking for just any knobs; I have something specific in mind.  The temptation to keep looking and do nothing else is oooooohh, soooooo strong!

Aside from looking for knobs, I've been doing housework (really, it's true) and getting nowhere.  I swear this house looks like the Wreck of the Hesperus.  Of course, when I'm working so hard (and I really, really am!), I get a tad toasty and need to drink something to keep cool.  I'm being a good girl and drinking w..w..water.  Yes, I said water.  Those of you that know me know that I HATE water.  True.  Not only do I hate it, I despise, loathe and any other word you can think of that means dislike water.  Always have, always will. It's something I can't help.  I know you will tell me that water doesn't taste like anything but, trust me, it DOES.  It tastes like water.  And I seriously do NOT like it!

I digress.  Of course, I am one of those people that has to drink from the same cup allllll day long.  The reason behind getting a new glass every time you get a refill has escaped me.  I am a true creature of habit.  Anyhoo, when drinking something...anything, I like to have a cute cup or container to drink from.  Cuz I just roll that way, in case you're wondering.  One of my favorites is a water bottle that I received from my secret sister at bunco a couple of years ago (THANKS DARCY!). It's one of those cool metal ones that looks really sleek.  There is just one teensy, weensy little thing about it sweats and the bottle gets too cold for my hands if I have ice in it.  Which I almost always do.  Enter hubby, who had no idea what he was doing when he did it.  

Soooo, Mr. Scrappin' has this thing about cutting off parts of sleeves on old sweatshirts so he doesn't roast to death when he works out.  BWAH HAHAHAHAHA...I said "he works out" all in one sentence.  BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh, sorry.  He really did use to work out.  Not so much now.  Of course, neither do I much anymore.  But, I steer away from the point here.  Hubby did one of his cutting of the sleeves ceremonies and left them on the counter (the sleeves, that is.)  Cuz, you know, that's where they belong.  Mhm.  Anyhoo, as I grumbled and was on my way to the garbage with those dang things, I got an idea.  I really, truly did!  And it was so simple I almost laughed at myself.  Ok, I DID laugh at myself.  I had a visual of what my idea would look like and it was ridiculously weird looking.

Not one to be deterred by weird looking things (I am, after all, weird looking myself), I went ahead.  I did it.  I cut off those little ribbed cuffs.  Yep, and I LIKED IT.  Oooh, I got to play with scissors and nobody was home to stop me.  Oh yeah, life is sweet!  LOL  And then I just looked at them, wondering how I could make them look cuter, or better, or...anything.  They were pretty boring just sitting there looking at me.  With usefulness though, and not cuteness, in mind, I forged ahead. Because really, I wanted to be able to still wash them in the washing machine if they got dirty or stained.  I only really embellished one, but left the rest alone.  

My idea?  A cup cozy, sort of.  More like a cup cozy, ice sweat stopper, keeping my hand from freezing kind of thing.  It was grand.  One of the more simple-minded, recycled and repurposed things I've ever thought of.  They're not super pretty, but they are super handy and I *heart* them.  I use them all the time, on both hot and cold drinks, just because they're so easy to clean up if I get them dirty or spill on them.  Which I do...a lot.  :)  

Grab yourself a drink (hot or cold), a cute cup and don't sweat it.


  1. Great way to use his scraps...very clever :) Laurel

  2. Thanks Laurel! They sure are useful!

  3. Not just any cup cozy....a real decked out cup cozy. Great idea and I sure hope it makes drinking water a little less painful:-) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Working on the less painful water drinking. :) Thanks for visiting Betsy!