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synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A-Door-Able Plates...

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  I hope this last week has been good to you all.  All around us, weather is changing over and over, which makes our minds wander (and wonder) every which way.  My mind has been on crafting and trying to make projects that reflect who I am and what I like.  And, of course, what will work for me in my home.  I've also been working on Mr. Scrappin's Valentine's Day gift, which has been a tad difficult with him coming in to see what I'm up to every five minutes.  That gift WAS to be my post for today, since Valentine's Day is just a few days away.  However, it ain't gonna happen right now so I've decided to share something else with you this week.

Very cool barn door
I must admit that, like a lot of you, I LOVE older things.  Not exclusively antique, but vintage, retro, you name it.  If it's got an old-timey feel to it, I love it. So, while Mr. Scrappin has been working on restabilizing the barn and tearing down the "too sad to save" shed attached to it, he has been finding all kinds of little treasures to bring home to me.  YAY ME!  POOR HUBBY!  Last weekend, he brought me a door from "I don't know where it came from - I've never seen it before" and I immediately proposed that I would use it in my sewing room.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  I made other plans for it.  hahaha  He has also brought me four old wooden windows (only one has a window, which is broken, looking strangely like a baseball might have gone through it), two screen doors, and a barn door.  Oh, and lest I forget, some old rusty barn door handle, which I absolutely love!!!  Today, I'm sharing the barn door.

Plate Space #1 comes hubby to my craft room (not to be confused with my sewing room cuz we can actually get in this room right now), where he says to "come look."  I'm thinking to myself, "what now?"  Well, like the good wife I am (ALRIGHT, WHO'S SNICKERING OUT THERE?) I go look.  Lo and behold I have a muddy, grimy, icky looking door leaning against the love seat.  Yes, in in sitting on the carpet leaning. SERIOUSLY?  Does he want to live past that moment?  But as I take a closer look, I realize this is a barn door.  That looks cool.  Well, once it's cleaned up, that is.  Of course it sat there for a week.

Plate Space #2
Until the day before yesterday, when I decided it really needed to be cleaned so I could do something with it. That something was going to be a table in my sewing room (have you heard that before somewhere? LOL) Then I decided it would be a table at the end of my kitchen in that empty spot I spoke of in a previous post.  And THEN, I decided that maybe it just needed to be hung on a wall, looking super cool.  And farmy. And...wooden.  Hmmm.  Although it's a really nifty door, something is missing.  My beady little eyes started searching the nearby territory (aka THE KITCHEN) to see if I could spot anything to put on it. AHA!  Plates.  And then I looked at those plates and  You see, my kitchen has very little wall space and those plates are in three different places because there is so very little wall space.  Get my drift?  And they really do not look so awesome where they are.  They're just there so I don't do something akin to breaking them.

Plate Space #3
The more I thought about it, the more I thought maybe that might be the way to go. After all, one of the spaces where plates were hanging is going to be used for something else soon, so why not go ahead and take them off now and get it done with?  Buh-bye plate space #1!  Well, of course plate spaces #2 and #3 had to go as well.  And now I'm committed because I don't want to put them back.  Not to mention, they could use a good washing.

My knots.  hahahaha
I did notice while I was cleaning the door that there were three nails in the top board, which I started to take out.  For some reason, I left them in there, more than likely because I didn't want to deal with it while I was in the middle of cleaning it.  Later (you know, those "middle of the night" laters?) I thought that maybe I could hang something from them, like the three glass pitchers I have sitting on a baker's rack that is on the same wall as plate space #1, which is also going bye-bye.  Cool, pitchers and plates together.  Uh, no.  I did attempt to hang one pitcher and then thought that maybe those nails didn't have enough edge on them to keep the pitchers from crashing to the ground the first time the back door got shut a little too forcefully.  I decided I didn't want glass everywhere should that happen so I went to the next best idea I could think of. Fabric.  I didn't even tie it in a bow.  I just sort of knotted it around the nails for a shabby look.  Mainly because I can't tie a bow to save my soul.  True story.

Hmmm...a plate person!
After much arranging and rearranging (and then rearranging some more), I just didn't like it.  It was "off" somehow.  I don't know if there was too much extra space to equal out (hence my display resembling a person) or what, but I didn't like it.  My seven plates looked sad.  Just so you know, I love the look of odd numbered items; I think it makes them look more interesting and more flowing to the eye.  I really didn't want to add another item - not to mention I only have the seven plates.  Hmmmmm.  I briefly considered my grandmother's old platter, which I've had since she gave it to me when I was 17.  Not exactly the look I was going for, plus it was going to result in an even numbered display, which I always find too "neat."  Well, the choice wasn't really a choice, so I did what any reasonable person would do.  I made it an even number (note to the number gods - I'm sorry!).

The end result!  I like it!
The end result?  I like it!  Mr. Scrappin likes it too.  And believe me, I asked him enough times throughout the arranging/rearranging process and each time the answer was no.  So of course I asked him if  he was lying.  He said no, he really does like it this way.  Such a good sport when he wants to take a nap!  Now, I just have to get a platter holder so I can attach the platter to the door.  You will notice the door is not attached to the wall yet; the grime has to come off the plates first and I can't put anything up until I can put EVERYTHING up, meaning the platter holder.  Ok, ok, so I'm a LITTLE OCD.  :D

All in all, it works for me.  I like the assortment of different plates all together instead of in three different places (four if you count Grandma's platter sitting in the hutch) and the mixture of colors and textures.  Oh, and by the way, those two lacy-edged plates?  I made those.  Yep, I really did, back in 1989 (I know that cuz I just looked at the back to be sure).  Can you believe I haven't broken them yet?

Tomorrow after work, I'll stop at the store and pick up a hanger for the platter, and Mr. Scrappin' will attach the door to the wall for me.  YAY!!!  One step closer to a homey kitchen!


  1. Thanks Mary Pat! This was fun!

  2. What a great door - that's a fun find. I like the plate idea too. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Tisha, thanks for inviting me!!! And thank you for your kind comment. :)

  4. Great door.It look so different and amazing.Thanx to share with us.

    a boards uk

  5. Thank you Pinkerton! I love it too. :) Thank you so much for stopping in. Come back soon!

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by Real Southern Living! I looove that barn door and have been looking for some old doors! Suggestion I've seen for the old windows...the ones with glass you can buy furniture legs at Lowe's and turn them into side tables and the broken glass take out and put chicken wire behind it and use clothes pins to use like a bulletin board. Oh endless ideas I can think of or make a great big necklace organizer with a little fabric and curtain rod! Have fun creating!

  7. Stacey, you are totally rocking my brain right now. LOL Thank you so much for popping in!