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synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Crochet-y Baby...

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  I hope your week has been awesome and I hope your coming week is just as great!    It's been a cold one here, with lots of ice, scraping windows and plowing snow.  Whew, we've had a break for the last couple of days and I am so happy!

Nothing like snuggling in your jammies and blankie with hot tea and just letting your mind wander wherever it wants to go.  Mine has been wandering toward many different little crafts; how about you?  

This week, however, I'd like to share a beautiful, much loved, hand crocheted dress outfit that a lovely lady named Esther crocheted for my granddaughter, Addisyn.  Esther put a lot of time and love into this creation and it is truly beautiful!  My heart is so thankful at Esther's thoughtfulness toward little Addie.  

This beautiful outfit was crocheted in mint green and white, and includes a ruffly dress, some hand mitties and a cute little hat.  Notice the ribbon in the mitties?  A super lovely touch!  And that crocheted flower on the dress?  Wow!  Ms. Esther went all out!  She even had it boxed in two lovely boxes when I received it.  Believe it or not, I almost cried when I saw it; it is just gorgeous, and all that love in it was overwhelming.  You see, Ms. Esther has never met little Addie.  She just wanted to do something special for her.  Obviously, I had to show it off before I sent it down to Ms. Addie.  Didn't want this loveliness to go for nothing!  EVERYONE had to see it!

Well, of course I had to send pics to Momma Keri so she could see it too!  I let her know little Addie was going to be getting a package soon and that she was going to love it.  Sure enough, as soon as her package got there, Addie was ON IT!  Hey, a girl KNOWS when the mailman brings something for her!  And Momma lets her open her own packages too so that was so cool!  Look at that color peeking through the box!  And Addie is ready to pull it out and see what it is!  It's a dress Addie!  Ms. Esther sent a beautiful dress just for you!  Notice the look that says, "hey, Momma, I think it might be sumpin' soft!"  You're right Addisyn!  It is!

Ms. Addie decided to take it out of the box (with Momma's help) and there it was, soft and fluffy, a little outfit, just for her!  Now, I've been told by Momma that little Addie likes soft things, and who would know better than Momma?  Addie sat and looked at the dress and felt it to see what it was.  Isn't this the sweetest picture?  

It appears that Addisyn liked the entire package, including the paper inside the boxes that were folded over the outfit.  Here, she's enjoying a high fiber snack of paper.  I'm not quite sure how it tasted, but hey, a girl can't have a cute little outfit AND a tasty snack!  Maybe that's why Momma and Daddy feed her.  LOLOL

Not only is she a crochet-y baby, but she's cute too!

Dress, Hat and Mittens by the lovely Esther Carr.


  1. Children teach us a lot how to live and appreciate the little things! What a beautiful present! :)

  2. Christina, thanks for stopping by to visit! Come back again!

  3. Your granddaughter is darling and the outfit is beautiful!

  4. Thank you Lori! I think she's pretty special too, and that outfit is just gorgeous! I can't thank Esther enough!

  5. Rosemary, thank you! So glad you stopped by!

  6. I wish i knew how to crochet. I love it. Thanks for sharing at the sweet Saturday link party!

  7. Thank you for coming over Trisha! Glad you like it!

  8. Ugh, sooo cute. Wow. My favorite pieces for my daughter were the hand-made ones. My Grandmother's friends loved to have a reason to crochet and knit.Now they are stored away until I have a grandchild.

  9. Crafty, my favorite pieces were the hand-made ones too. There's just something about them! Thanks so much for stopping by, and THANK YOU for becoming a follower! I truly appreciate it.

  10. Thank you Sandy. I think Esther did a lovely job too.

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  12. Yes, Pinkerton, they are! Thank you so much for visiting!