noun: a small piece or amount of something, esp. one that is left over after the greater part has been used.
synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chairful Recovery...

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  I hope that your Christmas holiday was wonderful and warm!  And on that note, Happy New Year to you all as well! Wow, doesn't seem like an entire year has already come and gone.  Where (really, where) does the time go?  I'm sure I  haven't even come close to realizing all my goals and projects from last year yet.  Guess I'll just have to carry them over to this year. Yep, that's what I'll do.  Glad I thought of that!

Grandma's chair (before).
Like most, if not all, of you, I have plans for reorganizing, crafting, and just making my home cozier in general. Cozy is my friend, and we get along really well. Just ask me. When folks come to my home, I want them to feel welcome, which isn't just an attitude, it's a sense. Have you ever walked into someone's home and thought, "NO WAY am I sitting on that furniture or walking on that carpet!" because it's so perfect and pristine? To me, that's a very uncomfortable feeling, and I don't want my home to send that message.

Now, my home is NOT one of those homes with brand new furniture and beautiful draperies.  The things I tend to have are things that mean something to me for one reason or another.  One of my very favorite things is my grandmother's table, chairs and buffet.  They are older than dirt, scratched and marked up, heat stained, and most definitely not in style!  But I love them.  I love them A LOT.  I think of my grandma a lot, remembering the times at the table in her house.  It's where I drank my first cup of real tea, with milk, in a real glass cup.  And where Grandma had friends and family talking and eating that wonderful Italian food.  

The only good one left!
While I hold these furniture items near and dear to my heart, I am in no way fooled that they need some TLC and sprucing up.  Because while part of them say, "hello, come on in," the chairs say, "get off me!"  I've thought for years about what to do to them, whether re-stain or paint, and have ALMOST reached a decision. Meanwhile, back at the table, our legs were getting sliced to ribbons due to the "fabric" that was on the seats of those chairs.  I don't know whether it was naugahyde, some kind of plastic, or what, but on all of them except one the covering was torn and sharp.  And yes, it actually did cut a few times. OWWWWWW.  I kept trying to love them along, but it finally got to the point that something needed to be done.  The quickest and easiest fix was to replace the seat fabric since I didn't really know yet how I was going to finish the actual wood on the pieces.  

A close up!
After getting sliced up for the very last time, I decided it was time!  Into my trusty toy box (yes, I said toy box) I went to see if I had any fabrics suitable for a chair seat.  Really?  Of course I didn't!  But I did look anyway to see if I had any small remnants of something that I could use temporarily (translation:  until I figure out what I really want to do with them, hopefully before I die).  I came across this fabric that I has purchased on clearance several years ago to make a skirt out of.  As I looked at it and thought to myself, "Seriously, you were going to make a skirt out of THAT?" I decided this fabric was destined for my butt.  Well, under my butt, that is, on the chair.  I also had some leftover batting that I used as a light cushion under the fabric, so out that came as well.

Poor hubby.  This is how it was:

Me:  I need you to help me with this, ok?
Him:  Help you with what?
Me:  This.
Him:  What is "this?"
Me:  We're going to redo these chair seats.
Him:  Excuse me?
Me:  We're going to redo these chair seats.
Him:  Why?
Me:  Because they need it.
Him:  I don't know how.
Me:  I don't either but I'm sure it will come to us.
Him:  You're nuts.
Me:  No, I'm not; I'm sure it's a really easy process.
Him:  Why do you do this to me?
Me:  Do what to you?
Him:  Never mind; give me that stuff.
Me:  It's not stuff.  It's fabric and batting.
Me:  What?

Grandma's chair (after).
And then we proceeded to work on the chairs.  Yes, it was super easy; after all, they're just seats, not the entire chair.  LOL  All we had to do was take the cushions off (they were not a fluffy cushion since they're older than dirt and dining room chairs); remove the staples and take the fabric and old lining off; use the hard surface of the seat as a template and replace the batting and new fabric (cutting the fabric larger than the actual seat surface in order to be able to stretch it over to the back); and staple it on.  Super simple, very quick, and hubby actually liked how they turned out.  

I don't plan on leaving this fabric on there forever, but it sure does look better and beats the heck out of getting cut or jabbed with that old hard stuff.  And really, it was a super easy, chairful recovery that leads people to believe they're welcome to actually sit down.


  1. what a fun project and working together!

    happy new year!!

  2. It was fun! Happy New Year to you as well Mary Pat, and I look forward to your blog this year!

  3. Hi your name BTW! Thank you for your kind comment...hopped on over to your blog and became a new follower. Good luck! Julie

  4. Thanks Julie! Glad to have you as a follower! I love your stuff!