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Friday, November 11, 2011

Land of the Free...

Hello, Happy Friday, and Welcome to the Farm! I hope this day finds you all warm, well and blessed.

Although I normally do my blogging on Sundays, Veteran's Day is one of exceptions to that rule.  I will do a blog no matter WHAT day of the week Veteran's Day falls on.  Why?  Because I believe with all my heart that we owe so very much to the veterans who have allowed us to do the things we do, have the freedoms that we have, and live the lives we are able to live.

Without veterans, we could very well be one of those countries that we only see on television or hear about in the news.  From the very first deployment, men and women of our country have been out in the trenches, battling for our freedoms and our ability to live as peaceful as is possible.  The soldiers who have literally waited in trenches and seen first-hand our enemies; the medical units that have tried their very best to patch up our wounded, and sometimes our wounded enemies; the mail clerks who have carefully handed over those precious items from home...well, you get the point.

No matter the branch of the military, whether it be Air Force, Army, Marine (who just celebrated their 236th birthday) or Navy, each member of our military is a person to be thankful OF and FOR.  Often, their families have been left behind so that our country can be protected; they are away when the holidays come around, often on another continent or in a place that has the sparsest of conditions.  And we are in our warm and cozy homes, with OUR friends and family, enjoying the very same thing that our veterans are not.

So many thousands of men and women have given their time, efforts and sacrifice so that we may live freely, without fear, in a beautifully bountiful country.  And they have absolutely no idea how much they are appreciated or of the high esteem they are held in.  That's not what matters to them; in fact, it is the farthest thing from their minds.  They are doing what duty and our country and, of course, WE have asked them to do.

My brother Tim; my cousin Jim; Dale C; Theresa S; Kelly W; Dale G; Jack C; Neil K; Mark H; Greg H; Cassie I; Dennis P; Dorothy H; James K; Mike C; Sandi S; Courtney K; Ted S; Marshall H; Pete B; Brian B; Steve G; RM; Jason C,...these are but a few of the people I know that have given their time and service to our country.  As you can see, it is such a small number of people, and I certainly know many more that have served and are now serving our country so that we don't have to.  My sincere thanks and appreciation go out to each and every veteran, past, present and future, that have served on our behalf, while making sacrifices so that we can go to sleep every night and wake up every morning to a normal, everyday life.

As for those veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice, I hope they are resting peacefully in the Lord's grace, for they have given everything they had to offer and then some.

THANK YOU, VETERANS, FOR EVERYTHING.  You will always be remembered for your heart, your bravery and your answer to the call of your country's duty.  God bless you and keep you safe, for you are the ones He has called upon to preserve our freedom.

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