noun: a small piece or amount of something, esp. one that is left over after the greater part has been used.
synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Sunday, November 27, 2011

All A-Board...

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving, enjoying the day with family and/or friends.  I know I did.  :)  This year we had a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner, in that there were only three of us (hubby, mother-in-law, and myself) and hubby wanted something simpler.  That was hard.  Doable, but hard.  I really like my stuffing, my sweet potatoes, my pumpkin pie!!!!  But I can definitely do without the turkey.  Tastes like metal to me so I'm just not a fan; never have been.  We ended up with Chicken Fettucini Alfredo, with homemade noodles and sauce; homemade pull-apart garlic bread; a nice green salad; and peach-blueberry cobbler, topped with vanilla ice cream.  Yummmm.  No one will ever know that I had to scramble at the end because I sort of forgot the chicken part of the dish.  BWAH HAHAHAHAHAH.  My mother-in-law and I laughed so hard!  Ah well, what a great memory.  :D  I hope that you have something that is a great memory from this Thanksgiving as well.  After all, that's what really counts.

This week, I'm highlighting a couple of altered clipboards that can be used to hold pictures of some of those memories, or to hold anything you'd like.  Not only are they cute, but useful as well!  Trust me, you'll use one if  you make one.  I didn't think I would but, wow, do I!  Recipes, receipts, pizza menus, etc., they all get attached to one of these babies.  They're great for your office (or cubicle if you have the awesome luck to have one of those!) or as a gift for a co-worker.  Who doesn't want to brighten up their work space with something crafted with them in mind? 

These are so easy and quick to do that you'll want to do several.  These are only a few of the several I've done.  The rest have been given away.  I like to personalize them to the personality of the person that is receiving them so that they know the gift was truly meant for them.  With so many great products out there on the market (and to be upcycled at home), it isn't difficult to get exactly the look you want.  And these little boards can be customized in just about any way imaginable.

 On the boards shown, I did include a little bit of cork for a bulletin board area, mainly because yours truly is a tack freak.  HAVE YOU SEEN those cute little tacks out there with flowers and ladybugs and ice cream cones and...need I say more?  Yes, I'm a sad, sad case.  But they're sooooo cute that they need to be used.  What better way to justify buying them than to have a little area of cork that is just sitting there looking lonely?  The cork board had actually been given to me by my friend, Mary, as she had extra and knew I could figure out something to do with it.  Thanks Mary! 

To do these clipboards, I chose some left-over scrapbook papers that were in my scrap drawer (yes, I have a drawer, with files labeled by color).  I played around with the papers to see where I wanted them, basically for what was pleasing to my eye at that moment.  Every single one I've done has been completely different, so there really is no one single way that I liked better.  Once I got the paper where I wanted it, I merely traced around the metal clip part so that I wouldn't have some funky gaps around that area, and cut my paper accordingly.  Then I attached the papers to the clipboard with double-sided tape.  Through trial and error, I found this to be the best way to keep the adhesive attached to the boards, as well as keeping the papers flat (i.e., no bubbling from liquid glue or gum spots from adhesive dispensers).  Although, did you notice on the summer one that I used paint as well as paper?  Just plain acrylic paint will do, and it's pretty easy to apply.  I used a sponge brush and just swished it on the edges since I knew I'd be covering the majority of the board with papers.

Once the papers were on, it was time to decide which embellies I wanted, if any, and where to put them.  Usually I have that part all planned out,  but with these, I kind of wanted to play around a little with different ideas.  For the embellies, I used punches, letters, buttons, rubber stamps, cut-outs and whatever else I could find in my stash.  The two flowers on the purple clipboard were made by my friend Shelly, who graciously handed them over when I begged.  Thanks Shelly!

Now, time to print a calendar and attach it, along with a post-it note pad. They did all have the note pads, but some are not on in the pictures. I found the calendars I wanted at There are many, many sites out there for calendars, but this one had what I was looking for and was very user friendly. And it's FREE, which is always wonderful!

All a-Board!!!

Clipboards from Staples; Scrapbook paper, unknown (from my stash); Binder clips from Staples; Star eyelet by Memory Makers; Scrabble letters, unknown; Silver puzzle letter by Provo Craft; Cake cut-out by Doodlebug; Cupcake stamp by Great Impressions; Acrylic Paint (Meadow) by Making Memories; Sunshine punch by Marvy Uchida; Button by Doodlebug; Blue flower with brad by Memory Makers; Small flowers, unknown; Wishes and Dreams, Love and Floral Heart stamps by Hampton Arts.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Quilt Square Blues...

The center of the quilt.
Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!  With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, I would imagine you are all pretty busy right now preparing menus, shopping for ingredients for special recipes, etc., so I want to thank you for taking the time to visit.  

When the fall and winter holidays start rolling around, I can usually expect a few things to happen:  1)  It gets cold; 2)  I get cold; 3)  I start to live in my nice, comfy, cozy jammies; 4)  The cups of tea are pretty much endless in my quest to stay warm; 5) All of the blankies start coming out (that is, the ones that haven't already been out all year).  With that in mind,  I went into my sewing room today to see what I could dig up and what did I find but Adam's quilt (that I'm supposed to be fixing, but haven't yet).  Actually, I didn't "find" it; it was sitting right on the shelf where I put it so I could just pull it right out when I started to repair it.  Um, yeah, about that repairing thing...

Top is finished!
This is the first quilt I ever made, and it was (gasp!!!) 20 years ago!  Adam was 10 and I had made it for him for Christmas.  The fear of failure was fresh in my mind every second I was working on it since I had never made one before.  Thank goodness I had my friend, Sonja, to help me if I had any questions.  She guided me as I struggled over which pattern would be challenging, but simple enough to not frustrate me to the point of not finishing.  After looking through several (ok, ok, it was actually millions) of books, patterns and pictures, I chose the Trip Around the World pattern book from the Quilt in a Day series by Eleanor Burns.  I had seen her show a few times on the public television station and always thought she had a unique way of doing things.  Thank you Ms. Burns for making the directions and pattern exactly what I was looking for!

The end result.

The fabrics I chose were mainly scraps and remnants, but I think I did have to purchase a couple of them to have enough for the entire quilt.  With materials firmly in hand, the cutting began.  Since I was sure I would have to cut out each square individually, I had prepared myself for a llllooonnnngggggg cutting session(s).  However, when I opened the book to start the directions, I cannot tell you how surprised I was.  Here I was, faced with the "strip" method and I had to refrain from jumping for joy!  Oh, Ms. Burns, how I adored you so!  Cutting went sooo much faster than I had imagined and before I knew it, the cutting was over.  Now it was time to actually start sewing.  And sew, sew, sew I did.  Sew far, sew good.  :)

I was actually making the quilt to fit a double bed, so there were much more strips than I thought.  What the heck was I thinking?  This was my first quilt and I was making a big one?  Holy blue squares, Batman!  Finally, all the strips were sewn together and now it was time to do some more cutting.  Really?  Yes, really.  Good grief, I was so not prepared for this.  Out I came to call Sonja to make sure I was doing this right.  I got the green light and proceeded to cut.  Oy, I was a little nervous that I would mess up and get the fabrics all confused, but I did ok.  Between Sonja and Ms. Burns, I was starting to feel like I could really and truly do this!  Yay me!

As the quilt progressed and I got more confident, I began to enjoy myself so much more.  I could picture Adam with this quilt now!  Arranging the strips to form the pattern was not nearly as difficult as I had imagined, and I actually thought it was starting to look pretty good!  Back to the sewing machine I went, to turn those strips into a real live boy!  Oh wait, that was a movie.  Back to the sewing machine I went, to turn those strips into a real pattern that could actually be seen by the naked eye.  By this time, I was starting to realize just how big this thing really was going to be.  Whoa, I was little intimidated by the size.  After the strips were sewn and the top was made, it was very easy to see the pattern and I was really pleased.  Now to do the borders.  Well, THAT was easy!  Go me, go me, go me!

I had already purchased the batting, but didn't have anything to back it with.  Muslin just didn't seem to look the way I wanted it to.  Fabricland, here I come!  They happened to have broadcloth on sale for a very good deal, so I started looking there first.  Lo and behold, there was a light blue bolt of fabric staring me right in the face.  Off to the checkstand I went to pay for my quilt back.  :D

After washing the fabric, I headed to Sonja's house (her floor was bigger than mine and I could lay the quilt out flat to attach the batting and backing) to put the entire thing together.  Between cups of tea, Sonja helped me make sure the project was flat and not bunched up anywhere.  We finished putting everything together that day, and I stuck around for some more tea and tied my quilt.  DONE!  The actual hardest part of this project was finding a box big enough to put it in so that it could be wrapped for Christmas.  LOL  Now I just had to hope Adam liked it!

Quilt Pattern:  Trip Around the World by Eleanor Burns (Quilt in a Day series).

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Addisyn's First Parade...

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm! Well, it happened...we had snow. :( I was so sad, but when I woke up this morning it was alllll gone. Yay! The sun is shining and it is absolutely gorgeous outside...COLD but gorgeous! Which is why I'm inside, doing this. hahahaha

You all know I did a special blog on Veteran's Day, which I thought was appropriate. After I did that, my daughter-in-law, Keri, posted some pictures (which I promptly stole and made a scrapbook page out of) from the Veteran's Day Parade in their home town. She had taken little Addisyn and dressed her up to attend the parade. How awesome is that? There is nothing I love more than seeing our veterans and soldiers honored, and for Keri to take the extra time to dress up Addisyn (seriously, she is seven months old and we all KNOW how long that can take! I'd have been crazy after that!) was just right up there in my book. :) This is Addisyn's first Veteran's Day parade (heck, it's her first parade EVER) and it appears she had a great time!

With the help of Momma Keri, she waved at the Veterans, and she gave them some great big smiles, which I'm sure warmed their hearts. I know it warmed mine just from the pictures, so I can't imagine in person how the soldiers must have felt to see a mother and her children (Daniel, Tiffany and Cierra were there as well) honoring them. And for a mother to take the time out of a busy and hectic life to make sure the children were able to honor those Veterans makes Keri one cool Mom to me. Of course, I may just be a little partial since she's Little Miss Princess Addie Poop's Momma. :D

Of course this parade had the soldiers and the vehicles and the usual parade fare, so it was more than likely a great day for everyone involved. Flags were waved, smiles were given, candy was thrown to the children, and the town got to see their soldiers. What better way to spend a day? And what cuter thing could there be than a seven-month old baby girl smiling and waving to her protectors?  Life is good.

All templates by Heritage Makers

Friday, November 11, 2011

Land of the Free...

Hello, Happy Friday, and Welcome to the Farm! I hope this day finds you all warm, well and blessed.

Although I normally do my blogging on Sundays, Veteran's Day is one of exceptions to that rule.  I will do a blog no matter WHAT day of the week Veteran's Day falls on.  Why?  Because I believe with all my heart that we owe so very much to the veterans who have allowed us to do the things we do, have the freedoms that we have, and live the lives we are able to live.

Without veterans, we could very well be one of those countries that we only see on television or hear about in the news.  From the very first deployment, men and women of our country have been out in the trenches, battling for our freedoms and our ability to live as peaceful as is possible.  The soldiers who have literally waited in trenches and seen first-hand our enemies; the medical units that have tried their very best to patch up our wounded, and sometimes our wounded enemies; the mail clerks who have carefully handed over those precious items from home...well, you get the point.

No matter the branch of the military, whether it be Air Force, Army, Marine (who just celebrated their 236th birthday) or Navy, each member of our military is a person to be thankful OF and FOR.  Often, their families have been left behind so that our country can be protected; they are away when the holidays come around, often on another continent or in a place that has the sparsest of conditions.  And we are in our warm and cozy homes, with OUR friends and family, enjoying the very same thing that our veterans are not.

So many thousands of men and women have given their time, efforts and sacrifice so that we may live freely, without fear, in a beautifully bountiful country.  And they have absolutely no idea how much they are appreciated or of the high esteem they are held in.  That's not what matters to them; in fact, it is the farthest thing from their minds.  They are doing what duty and our country and, of course, WE have asked them to do.

My brother Tim; my cousin Jim; Dale C; Theresa S; Kelly W; Dale G; Jack C; Neil K; Mark H; Greg H; Cassie I; Dennis P; Dorothy H; James K; Mike C; Sandi S; Courtney K; Ted S; Marshall H; Pete B; Brian B; Steve G; RM; Jason C,...these are but a few of the people I know that have given their time and service to our country.  As you can see, it is such a small number of people, and I certainly know many more that have served and are now serving our country so that we don't have to.  My sincere thanks and appreciation go out to each and every veteran, past, present and future, that have served on our behalf, while making sacrifices so that we can go to sleep every night and wake up every morning to a normal, everyday life.

As for those veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice, I hope they are resting peacefully in the Lord's grace, for they have given everything they had to offer and then some.

THANK YOU, VETERANS, FOR EVERYTHING.  You will always be remembered for your heart, your bravery and your answer to the call of your country's duty.  God bless you and keep you safe, for you are the ones He has called upon to preserve our freedom.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Brother Load...

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm!  Seems the days are getting shorter and the dark is staying longer, but we won't let that get us down, will we?  WELL, WILL WE?!?  Hee hee, ok, just making sure you're paying attention.  :D

Original page done in 1993
Today I'm sharing with you a project I've done twice. One of them I did years ago (and I do mean years!) when I was just starting to scrapbook.  The other is an 8x8 canvas that I entered in a challenge just a couple of  weeks ago at Heritage Makers.  That challenge was to make a project of any kind using the color green.  If you don't know what Heritage Makers is, it's a digital scrapbooking site that offers a huge variety of projects for you to choose from.  I've been playing with it for a couple of months now, and I love, love, love it!  There are several digital sites out there, but this one is my favorite.

Digitally scrapbooked canvas
done in 2011
As soon as I saw that challenge, I knew EXACTLY what picture I wanted to use for it!  I've always wanted to do more than just a scrapbook page with that picture, so this challenge was PERFECTAMUNDO!!!  I removed the picture from the page and scanned it in to upload and then I returned the picture to the original page.  I know, I know, that's cheating, but...IT'S MY PROJECT AND I'LL CHEAT IF I WANT TO...CHEAT IF I WANT TO...( you DID sing that, didn't you?).  I have to say, this is one of my VERY FAVORITE pictures of my two sons when they were little.  They aren't so little anymore...siiiiigh.  Here, they were 5 years old and 10 months old, respectively; now they are 30 and 25.  Not sure where the time (or the wagon) went, but I have always just loved this picture.  Maybe it's because Adam was such a good big brother; maybe it's because Dale could fit in that wagon; maybe it's because it's just such a sweet picture; or maybe it's a combination of all three.

Whatever it was (or is), it was certainly a time when they were just regular boys, without the responsibilities of adulthood even crossing their minds.  A time of innocence and play, backyards and toys, and a big brother pulling around a little brother in a wagon as if it were the most important thing on the earth.  And perhaps it was, next to lunch and cookies.  :D  After all, lunch and cookies are very important too.

If you have a picture (or pictures) that you really, really love, why don't you try uploading it to a digital website and making it into a project?  Or, turn it into a paper scrapbook page to treasure.  Either way, you will look at those pictures for a load of years to come.  :)  Yeah, I really said that.  Lame, I know, but you still read it!!!

The Brother Load (Green):  All templates from Heritage Makers.
The Brother Load (Red/Blue):  Papers from EK Success; Cloth wagon embellishments and letters were purchased from Ebay.