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synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Friday, May 27, 2011

Birthday Bone-us

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Hello, Happy Friday, and Welcome to the Farm! It's been a while since I've been here, and it's good to almost be back! In anticipation of my return, while it is still a week or so away, my good dog Toby wanted to have his dog day and put in his four paws worth. Since it's my husband's birthday today, I decided that Toby deserved a chance to woof it up. They are best buds, you know. So....without further doo's Toby. :)

Bow wow, everyone. Nice to smell you. Today is my daddy's birthday and I made a special little book just for him. Well, mommy kind of helped, but I told her how to do it. She had a difficult time, but I just licked her a little and helped her along. Funny, I didn't know mommies could do this kind of thing.

Well, let me introduce myself to you and tell you how I met my daddy. It all started like this...One day last year in July, my mommy was at work looking at their "marketplace." I don't know if she was looking for treats or what, but she was barking up the wrong computer. For crying out loud, computers don't have treats. I have to tell her that all the time. Oh, sorry, I got carried away (I AM only a year old, so I kind of get sidetracked a little). Anyway, to finish my story, mommy saw a picture of me and she thought I was really, really cute (of course), so she called the nice lady about me. Turns out she kind of knew this nice lady, so they talked about me for a while. I could feel my little puppy ears burning, that's how I knew.

I guess mommy really liked me, cuz she told the nice lady (whose name is Shannon, by the way) that she wanted to take me home. After work, the nice lady brought me, with my food and toys, to the parking lot where mommy gets off the bus. Mommy said hi to me and I sniffed her a little, just to make sure she was nice too. She let me walk around in the parking lot and meet some of her friends too, so I figured this might just work out after all.

Mommy let me ride in her car ALL the way home (I didn't have to get out and walk at all!). It seemed like a long ride, so I laid down in the back seat for a little bit to rest. I didn't want to be too pooped to meet my new daddy and see my new home. And then...WOWZA! Mommy drove up the long driveway and I saw my new daddy! Before mommy even got the car turned off, I jumped out of the door and ran right over to my new daddy! We played and played and played. I KNEW this was going to be a good home.

I was a little nervous at first, but pretty soon daddy was letting me play outside and help with the farm. I'm glad I was able to do that, cuz I had to teach him lots of new things. I had to teach him how to drive the tractor (see the video clip on page 3 of my daddy's birthday book!), feed the pigs and cows, mow the hay, plant the barley, and all kinds of other farm stuff. Living on a farm, I would have thought he already knew how to do that, but maybe that's why mommy got me for him.

I've been daddy's best pal for almost a whole year now and he's coming along just fine. I hope you like the book I did for my daddy's birthday. Since I love him a lot, I wanted it to be special!

It was very nice to smell you all, and thank you for celebrating my daddy's birthday with me. Won't you paws just a minute to tell my daddy Happy Birthday too?

Toby, aka Tobster, aka Tobs, aka Goofball, aka lots of other stuff i can't remember.