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Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Chili In Here

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm! I hope that all is as right with your chilly world as is possible, as it is with mine.

Wow! Has it ever gotten cold now. Temperatures are reaching down into the 30s (which do NOT make me happy!) and making me snuggle in deeper with my jammies and blankie. Yes, I said blankie. You got a problem with that? Cuz I LOVE my blankie and my blankie LOVES me! True story. Just ask me.

As I get up and attempt to face the world in the mornings, my psychic mind can see that I'm going to have to have something really warm and comforting for dinner, because these dreary, cold days leave me longing guessed it...something warm and comforting. Things like soup, stew, chili, just about anything that my crock pot or oven will prepare for me. Ok, ok, I was dreaming a little bit there...I have to actually PUT the things in the crock pot or oven since I haven't taught them yet to do it themselves. My one attempt at it was sorely lost as my kitchen appliances laughed at me. You will never know the humiliation I suffered at the hands (well, cords) of those beastly things.

HOWEVER, all is not lost! I still have my trusty dutch oven that I can always rely on when the others do not feel like cooperating. And I pull it out a lot during the colder temperatures because it, unlike my other appliances, loves me. It's been with me since I was 17, when my mother gave me a set of stainless steel pots and pans and this lovely piece of cookery was included. Yes, I love it back!

When I make chili, soup, name it...I use my trusty little friend. One of my favorite things to prepare in it is this recipe for chili that I tried and fell in love with. It's so tasty, filling, and easy to do in ANY pot or pan if you have a crock pot that sasses you at every move. Yeah, take that, Crocky!

Red's Famous Pumpkin Chili: Cardstock by Bazzill; Double sided cardstock (So Delish - Everything But the Kitchen Sink and So Delish - Spice Rack) by TPC Studio; Adirondack Dye Inks (Pesto) by Ranger; Spiral clip by Making Memories.

Cornbread: Cardstock by CTMH; Double sided cardstock (So Delish - Everything But the Kitchen Sink and So Delish - Spice Rack) by TPC Studio; Chalk by EK Success; Rubber stamp (Bread) by Stampin' UP; Memento Dye Ink (Danube Blue) by Tsukineko; Chipboard by unknown source.

I really hope you'll try these recipes; they are sooo good AND good together. So, when it gets a little chilly, try some chili. :)

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