noun: a small piece or amount of something, esp. one that is left over after the greater part has been used.
synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let It Snow

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm! I hope that everyone has had a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday with friends and/or family to celebrate with.

Our Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful. A few treasured guests, lazing around, playing games and can it get any better? It was heaven! And then...


Am I happy about this? Well, nooooooooo. I am not one of those snow bunny creatures like my daughter. While I would rather lay on the couch reading a book in weather like this, my daughter is exactly the opposite. She loves the snow. Really? There is something definitely suspicious about a child of mine loving the snow. How did this happen? Where, oh where, did I mislead her? Sigh... At the first sign of snow, Sarah will jump into her snow gear, scream, and run outside to take in the wonders of it all (while my wonder is just how long it will last). She LOVES the snow, and I DO mean LOVES it!

Now, if she still lived nearby, upon coming in from that fluffy white stuff she calls "fun", I would have her change into some warm jammies, fuzzy socks, grab a blankie, and have some hot chocolate ready and waiting. With marshmallows. Yep, that's what I would do. And that hot chocolate would be in a BIG cup on a cute coaster. But, alas, Sarah does not live nearby anymore, and that cute coaster sits alone just waiting for her to put a cup of hot chocolate on it.

Sorry, Sis, you'll just have to look at the cute coaster for now...maybe soon we'll have a mug of hot chocolate on it...

Coasters from Lowe's; Rubber stamp by The Angel Company; StazOn Solvent Ink in Timber Brown by Tsukineko; Permanent Markers in Red and Blue by Sharpie Markers.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Food for Thought

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm! Whew, it is COLD here! We had a little snow today and the temperatures are very low and expected to go lower. Noooooooo! I'm NOT ready!

With that cold comes the week of Thanksgiving, which usually has quite the chill in the air. I've seen it when it's terribly icy and freezing, leaving me to wonder whether or not any company would be able to make it over! Hopefully, that won't be the case this year! I'd really like to have a nice, cozy, lazy day.

We probably all have Thanksgiving traditions, whether they be foods we prepare, games we play, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, or just napping after eating. That's part of what makes this holiday so much fun. There are no expectations of grandeur, unless you put those expectations on yourself. The preparation of the food is usually started the day before, tables are set in the morning, food is cooking all day, and families are chatting and helping each other get ready for the big day.

I'm pretty sure everyone has a Thanksgiving food favorite; I know I sure do! Mine is the stuffing that I try each year to emulate. My former mother-in-law made THE BEST stuffing in the world and each year I hope to the heavens that mine turns out semi close. A few years ago, my oldest son, Adam, gave me the highest compliment when he said, "this is as close to Grandma's as I've ever tasted." I was beyond the moon with that statement! Although it wasn't exactly like hers, it tasted so close that I was thrilled!

For this Thanksgiving week, I share with you two of my favorite recipes. I actually made these recipe cards up for someone as part of her gift package, but the recipes are so yummy that I decided I'd share them here as well.

Pumpkin Bread Pudding: Cardstock and pattern paper by CTMH; Photo corners by 3M; Recipe stamp by Great Impressions; Acrylic pumpkin by Doodlebug; Pumpkin stamp by CTMH; Quilled pumpkins by unknown source; Kaleidacolor Rainbow Ink Pad (Autumn Leaves) by Tsukineko.

Sweet Potato Balls: Cardstock by Bazzill; Pattern paper by Great Impressions; Chalk by EK Success; Photo corners by 3M; Acrylic embellishments by Karen Foster Design; Chipboard element by unknown source.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Prince of Stickering Village

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm! It's been a dreary weekend, with a little snow falling down at my house. Not my favorite thing by any means, but many people around me seem to like it. Personally, I think they're crazy.

A couple of days ago, I had the cutest little visitor ever, wanting to know if he could make invitations for his birthday. Well, shoot, how could I turn down a handsome young man? Of course I had to say yes. Ahhh, some days it pays to be nice. I got the pleasure of helping my little friend Ewan make his very own birthday invitations, with a theme of Sleeping Beauty. Yes, you heard me correctly, I helped HIM, he didn't help ME. Prince Ewan had it all upstairs in his creative little mind how he wanted his invitations to look.

He came armed, ready to work, with vellum, pink and blue ribbons, and dimensional Sleeping Beauty stickers. Prince Ewan wanted to make pink invitations for the princesses, blue for the princes, so we set about starting His Highness' project. First, I printed out the wording on some vellum; forgetting that it smeared, I grabbed it out of the printer and had to promptly start again. Uh oh, His Royalty had to wait just a tad longer to start.

Prince Ewan picked out the paper he wanted to use and we set about cutting, punching, stickering and making sure each and every invitation was up to his royal standards. We couldn't possibly let any invitations out that were less than perfect! His Highness sure can attach stickers with the best of them! I'm pretty sure I could learn a thing or two if I paid really close attention and stopped daydreaming. This project went sooooo fast and, before I knew it, my handsome little guy was on his way home, back to his own castle. With some very awesome birthday invitations. I did manage to get a hug, though. :)

I always knew if I waited long enough, my prince would come.

Cardstock by Bazzill; Vellum by Recollections; Dimensional stickers by Disney; Ribbon by Offray.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Viva La Veterans!

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday! Although I try to typically post on Sundays (just for my own sanity's continuity and no other reason), I really wanted to do a salute to our veterans, who have so long protected our country at whatever the cost may be.

I just so happen to have a veteran in my family; my big brother Tim. Or, as I call him still, Timmy. :) He has been my personal hero my entire life and I am proud to call him my brother. His service, as well as all of the other veterans who have, do and will work for our country, sometimes came with a price tag attached. In many personal, professional, emotional, intricate ways, our veterans have given up so much for us to be able to keep our freedom, without us even having to bat an eye. There is no cost for us; just our veterans and their families.

In my brother's case, one of his greatest personal costs was when he was not at home when our mother passed away. She had not been ill, and no one expected anything like this to ever happen; still, 26 years later, I cannot help but feel sad when I think of how he must have felt when the Red Cross had to find him out in the middle of an ocean to tell him of this news. I am breaking into tears as I write this, not only for him and the loss he suffered, as he and our mother were close, but for our mother to have had to miss out on a terrific son. I remember when he arrived; I remember how sad he was; I remember how strong he tried to be for the other three of us (we have a brother, Craig, and a sister, Mary); I remember him driving us to the funeral home the day of the funeral and him sticking his arm out the window to touch another car hood as we were driving (the lanes are soooo close together) and he was singing the then AT&T jingle of "Reach Out, Reach Out and Touch Someone" to make us laugh so we could handle the rest of the day. I remember someone pulling out in front of him in horrible traffic and him calling them a "boodiehead" which still cracks me up to this day. I remember like yesterday when he was getting back on the plane to go back out to sea and he put his sailor hat on my head. It was a time of no words; we had just said our final goodbyes to our mother and he had to go back to carry on his country's duty. He went, and I was so sad and so proud at the same time. He probably doesn't remember this, but I do. And I still have the hat. :) And I still say boodiehead. :)

Tim has always held a special place in my heart; not only is he my big brother, but he's so caring. Ok, I know he probably won't agree with that because he's always telling me it's time to send me back to the adoption agency but, really, underneath, he is. I think. Well, come to think of it, he DID eat my ho hos one time, so maybe not. Hmmm...might just have to rethink this whole being nice to my brother thing. Guess I should have thought this through just a tad bit more. hahahahaha

Really, I have very fond memories of my brother, who thankfully is one of the good guys still. I can remember very early days of him protecting me, feeding me, talking to me, taking care of me, and just being there. He even came all the way to my apartment from his house (which was a bit of a drive) to vacuum for me after I had my neck surgery and couldn't do it myself. HA! How can a brother be mean and still do that?

I did this layout one day several years ago while sitting back and reflecting on some personal moments. I hope it does justice.

While I've always been appreciative of my big brother and have loved him beyond words, I am also very proud that he chose to serve our country, along with many other men and women. They have all given something, and I hope we all have been able to learn from them, appreciate them, and most of all, support them. They are why we are free.

Card stock by Stampin' UP; Metal embellishments by Memory Makers; 3d embellishments by K & Company; Ink by D.O.T.S.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Chili In Here

Hello, Happy Sunday and Welcome to the Farm! I hope that all is as right with your chilly world as is possible, as it is with mine.

Wow! Has it ever gotten cold now. Temperatures are reaching down into the 30s (which do NOT make me happy!) and making me snuggle in deeper with my jammies and blankie. Yes, I said blankie. You got a problem with that? Cuz I LOVE my blankie and my blankie LOVES me! True story. Just ask me.

As I get up and attempt to face the world in the mornings, my psychic mind can see that I'm going to have to have something really warm and comforting for dinner, because these dreary, cold days leave me longing guessed it...something warm and comforting. Things like soup, stew, chili, just about anything that my crock pot or oven will prepare for me. Ok, ok, I was dreaming a little bit there...I have to actually PUT the things in the crock pot or oven since I haven't taught them yet to do it themselves. My one attempt at it was sorely lost as my kitchen appliances laughed at me. You will never know the humiliation I suffered at the hands (well, cords) of those beastly things.

HOWEVER, all is not lost! I still have my trusty dutch oven that I can always rely on when the others do not feel like cooperating. And I pull it out a lot during the colder temperatures because it, unlike my other appliances, loves me. It's been with me since I was 17, when my mother gave me a set of stainless steel pots and pans and this lovely piece of cookery was included. Yes, I love it back!

When I make chili, soup, name it...I use my trusty little friend. One of my favorite things to prepare in it is this recipe for chili that I tried and fell in love with. It's so tasty, filling, and easy to do in ANY pot or pan if you have a crock pot that sasses you at every move. Yeah, take that, Crocky!

Red's Famous Pumpkin Chili: Cardstock by Bazzill; Double sided cardstock (So Delish - Everything But the Kitchen Sink and So Delish - Spice Rack) by TPC Studio; Adirondack Dye Inks (Pesto) by Ranger; Spiral clip by Making Memories.

Cornbread: Cardstock by CTMH; Double sided cardstock (So Delish - Everything But the Kitchen Sink and So Delish - Spice Rack) by TPC Studio; Chalk by EK Success; Rubber stamp (Bread) by Stampin' UP; Memento Dye Ink (Danube Blue) by Tsukineko; Chipboard by unknown source.

I really hope you'll try these recipes; they are sooo good AND good together. So, when it gets a little chilly, try some chili. :)