noun: a small piece or amount of something, esp. one that is left over after the greater part has been used.
synonyms: noun: fragment - piece - bit - shred

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Boo Day to You

Hello everyone! Happy Halloween and Welcome to the Farm! I cannot believe this month is already at its end and Halloween is here. Time sure flies when you're not paying attention. sigh...

We don't get any trick-or-treaters out here; it's too far and probably too dark for most people, not to mention our long driveway. So...I just pretend like we're getting some and decorate anyway. hahaha

I was going to post a more "fallish" project in today's blog, but I decided that since it's our last day of October and Halloween to boot, I'll just post a little card that I made for my monthly card swap last month. It's one of those cutesy ones that just kind of makes you smile. :)

Cardstock (Concord Grape) by Bazzill, (Bright Green) by ANW Crestwoods; Pattern paper (Tim Coffey Halloween I Want Candy) by K & Company; Trick or Treat rubber stamp set by D.O.T.S.; Phrase stamp by Imaginations!; Memento Tuxedo Black Ink by Tsukineko.

As we leave October and begin a new month, let me just leave you with this message: YOU ALL HAVE A WAY SCARY BOO DAY!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I've Been Framed!

Hello, good Sunday morning and Welcome to the Farm! It's raining here and uber wet, so what better excuse to stay inside than that? And, we all know what staying inside entails: the craft room! BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oops, didn't mean to let that evil laugh come out!

Remember when we were younger and got in trouble for something we didn't do? How many of us said these words: "I've been framed!"? I know I did. Probably only because I had seen it on television in the police shows, and in movies. hahaha Of course, when I was younger, I didn't even know what it meant, but I knew that people were getting off the hook by using it, so I figured I'd try it out too. Ahem, not that I actually got into any trouble; I'm just saying I used it cuz I thought it was way cool to say. Yeah, that's it!

These days, I still say it when I'm messing around, but I actually smile to myself every time I make a picture frame because that's the first thing that comes to mind. I don't know why; it's probably some kind of holdover from my youth.

Of course, now that I found crafting, I LOVE to alter things, as well as work on my cards and scrapbook pages, and I have really enjoyed altering picture frames. That way, I can "frame" anybody I want and still get away with it. HA! What could be better than that? Now, I can honestly say I've framed lots of people; my kids, my friends, my husband, and the list goes on. If they only knew...what a sad, sad moment for them when they figure it out. LOL. In my project below, I actually framed myself, along with my husband. WHAT THE HECK was I thinking?!

Picture frames are so much fun to alter, because they can be suited to ANY mood. Fun, mellow, exciting, fast, clowning around, serious, etc. There is never any end to how you can make a frame look. Sometimes I match decor and other times I just use what I like. There is no hard and fast rule, and that is what makes it so fun and easy. There is such a huge variety of frames on the market as well; you don't have to settle for something you don't like. Some have clocks, some have multiple openings, etc., and there is definitely something for everyone's project.

Clock Frame: Clock frame by KaiserCraft (all clock parts were included); Double sided cardstock and phrase boxes by Around the Block (Imagine and Happy Day); Flower on top of medallion made from the front of an old greeting card (thanks Shelly!).

Fall Frame: Frame by Sierra Pacific Crafts; Double sided cardstock by Scenic Route Paper Company (Pink Coral Dots) ; Chipboard letters by Heidi Grace Designs; Flower and large brad by Making Memories; Autumn Saying by Daisy D's Paper Company; Gauze ribbon by unknown source.

If you like the idea of personalizing and altering a picture frame, check out your local craft store, thrift store, your own supply of frames, and change it to something you love. Don't be afraid to "frame" someone; it's all harmless fun on a rainy day!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Canvassing for Friends

Hello and Welcome to the Farm! Another week has flown by, the chill is definitely in the air, and we are all starting to head indoors where it's a little warmer. Indoors, where the warmth, coziness and homeyness surround us. Where we can relax, read, nap, or create to our heart's content. And where, even if it's a little chilly, we can grab something warm to drink or put over us and be content anyway.

This last weekend, two of my favorite friends celebrated birthdays. I love to make gifts for my friends because I can individualize them to definite and specific themes, personalities or colors. In this case, I made two different canvas projects, one a mini book and one a set for putting favorite pictures in. While both projects use canvas, they are completely different and suited for each friend's own unique self.

Although using canvas may seem a little intimidating, it is actually so simple to do! You can do ANYTHING to it and it will almost always turn out wonderful. For both of these projects, I simply rubbed stamp ink on the canvas in three different color layers, applied a little Mod Podge, added my pictures and sayings, and applied one more layer of Mod Podge to seal the projects. Yes, it really IS that easy!

My "Life and Love" canvasses were for my wonderful friend Mary, whom I work with every day and dearly love. She lifts me up on my bad days and makes my good days even better with her humor and liveliness. My "Little Dudes" canvas mini book was for my awesome friend Ronelle, whom I also work with and who has so graciously allowed my husband and I to become a part of her family's life as Aunt Toodie and Uncle Marty. Both of these ladies have the grace, love and laughter that is so hard to find so much of the time, and I love and treasure them as an asset to my life.

Life and Love: Canvas (8x8) from Art Advantage; Adirondack Dye Inks by Ranger in Caramel, Terra Cotta and Lettuce; Mod Podge Matte-Mat from Plaid Enterprises; Quotations (The Woodstone Collection-Simple Inspirations) from Cloud 9 Design; Photo Corners from 3M; Alphabet letters from Doodlebug Design, Basic Grey, and two other unknown sources.

Little Dudes: Canvas (4x4) from Art Advantage; Memento Dye Ink by Tsukineko in Danube Blue, Bahama Blue and Ladybug; Mod Podge Matte-Mat from Plaid Enterprises; Alphabet stickers from unknown source; Toy and hat stickers (Boys Only) from Renae' Lindgren for Creative Imaginations, Inc; Cardstock from CTMH.

These two projects were so much fun to do because I knew they would be appreciated by each of the recipients. If you're looking for a new project or something fairly quick that will always turn out great, grab some ink, Mod Podge and pictures, and start canvassing for YOUR friends.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hello, Happy Sunday, and Welcome to the Farm! This is the strangest time of year for me...kind of warm during the day but cold at night. I just never know how to dress; wish I could stay in my jammies all day. There's just nothing better than jammies...and hot chai tea...and a nice comfy blankie...and a good day in the craft room. Ahhhh, my favorite kind of day!

I've had a lot of those jammie days over the last couple of months (minus the crafting part) and, while laying around looking pitiful between naps, have had the time to think about projects I would like to work on. Of course, there haven't been very many done, but I'm trying to rectify that now. :)

Recently, I received a WONDULOUS (wonder and fabulous combined to form a really cool new word here!) Halloween goody box from Margaret, a fellow Two Peas swapper. Oh my gosh, I cannot BEGIN to tell you everything that was in that box, but suffice it to say I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it all! As a small and personal "thank you" to Margaret, I have crafted this "BOO" saying for her. It isn't much compared to all the funderful (fun and wonderful combined to form another really cool new word here!) things I received from her, but I made it specifically with Margaret in mind and it comes from my heart of hearts. I truly hope she likes it! There's just nothing like receiving heart-made (heartfelt and hand-made combined to, you got it, make another really cool word here!) gifts to make your day just a little better!

This particular craft gift was relatively simple to do, but did take time for the paint and Mod Podge to dry. Basically, I took raw wooden letters and painted them; adhered pattern paper with Mod Podge; sanded and inked the edges; applied Mod Podge over the top to protect from dampness; and adhered medallions and buttons.

Fun, colorful, Halloweeny, and I did most of it while in my jammies. Try it!

Wooden letters from Darice; Craft Smart orange acrylic paint and Mod Podge Matte-Mat from Plaid Enterprises; Double sided cardstock from Heidi Grace Designs (Jeepers Creepers/Words Decor); Shimmer glitter paper from Heidi Grace Designs (Tangled Web); Sparkle cardstock (Witches Brew) from Cloud 9 Design; StazOn Jet Black solvent ink by Tsukineko; Buttons on medallions by Doodlebug Design; Spider buttons from Blumenthal Lansing; Miscellaneous buttons.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Coffin Up Some More

Happy Second Day of October and Welcome to the Farm! We're having an awesome Indian Summer here, and I am enjoying it as much as I can. Mr. Scrappin is working around the farm, Toby is doing his dog thing, and I am in my craft room (when I'm not resting). What a nice, relaxing weekend. I hope you are all having a great weekend as well.

October is here and, with it, comes the beginning rush of trying to get some pre-holiday crafting accomplished. Whether it's Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, we all want to get our ducks in a row and get done what we can. Today, I was working on finishing up another coffin for Halloween. This one is larger than the two previous ones, THANKS KELLEYLO FOR TURNING ME ON TO IT AND SENDING IT TO ME and it was a lot of fun to see if I could come up with something different. Well, I tried...and failed. BUT, it's all good since I still like the outcome of my project. I actually ran across a blog from Linda McClain titled Catered Crop and fell in love with the crackle coffin she had done. I loved it so much I was drooling. Sorry, I know you don't want to hear that, but it was seriously awesome!

Alas, my project did not turn out in the least like hers. I guess I need more practice with the crackle medium. In my defense, I had never used it before and was a little afraid of it, but that's ok, I'll be better next time. I think what went wrong was that my craft room was quite warm and it completely dried the medium before I got back to it. The end result is that I don't have the awesome crackle that attracted me to Linda's coffin (ooh, that sounds kind of morbid, huh), but I still have a project I'm happy with.

After I took the hardware off of my coffin (this is just so much easier than trying to go around it), I painted it with two coats of black acrylic paint. I only used two because I kind of have a light hand and some of the raw wood still wanted to show through. After that was thoroughly dry, I applied a coat of the crackle medium. My intent was to get back to it while it was tacky, but not dried completely, so that the medium would cause my top coat of paint to crackle. Unfortunately, it was too dry and didn't produce the result I was looking for. At any rate, I still applied my top coat of acrylic paint, which was purple. While I didn't get quite the great crackle I was looking for, I did get a slight crackle and weathered look, which I am still happy with. Next time I'll know that I need to get into my warm room a little quicker for the medium to work correctly. :)

While my project was drying and "weathering," I attempted to make a medallion. I have attempted it before, with no success, but this time I DID IT! Yay me! hahahaha I have the dexterity of Frankenstein trying to crack an egg, so this was a major success for me. Woo hoo! If you have never done a medallion before, there is a great instructional video Making Accordion Fold Paper Medallions by spottedcanary that is super easy to follow. Try it, it's really fun!

Once everything was dried and put together, I put the hardware back on my BIG coffin and put my embellies on. And presto, it's done.

For the coffin, I used: Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint in colors Black and Eggplant and Delta Ceramcoat Crackle.

For the medallion, I used: Double sided cardstock (Jeepers Creepers/Words Decor) from Heidi Grace Designs; Shimmer glitter paper (Tangled Web) from Heidi Grace Designs; Sparkle cardstock (Witches Brew) from Cloud 9 Design; Lavender bat button from Doodlebug Designs.
Ribbon and Halloween "Boo" and bat buttons I've had in my stash and cannot remember where they came from.

If you're looking for a fun, quick project for your Halloween holiday, consider having someone over and have them help you Coffin Up Some More. Enjoy!