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Monday, September 6, 2010

Witness This!

Hello! Happy Labor Day and welcome to the farm! I hope you all are doing wonderful and enjoying this extra day of non-work. I know I am!

Have you ever heard that expression, "You can run, but you can't hide"? Most of us have probably even used it at one time or another. Well, in the case of today's project, this is a true statement. And one that none of my cohorts in crime, er, uh, co-bus riders wants to say right now. Suffice it to say that we are NOT happy about the deserter among us - YES, YOU Dan, you KNOW we're talking about YOU.

To offer an explanation, I live outside of town and drive in to catch a bus, which can introduce many interesting facets to one's ordinary daily life. Oh yes, our bus is INTERESTING. A little over a year ago, we formed what we lovingly, laughingly, and sometimes crazily call the 124 Monday Morning Breakfast Club. Yes, we did. Each one of us is assigned a Monday on which to bring a snack to share with our group. And we have enjoyed it thoroughly until that dreaded day not too long ago in which these horrible, heart-wrenching words were relayed: "LEAVING SPOKANE - to all my friends, especially those here in Spokane. I will be moving to CT in September and will miss all of you." Ha! Yes, I'll say it again, HA! Double HA! I say if he will miss us then he shouldn't go.

We have often joked that no one can leave the Breakfast Club with the exception of two reasons: they go into witness protection or they die. Well, guess what? Our beloved troublemaker, um...he he, oops, transportation companion has apparently chosen to enter witness protection. Does he think this will actually keep him safe from harm, uh, us? Noooooo, my friend, it will not. We will follow you to the ends of the earth (well, at least to the Olive Garden for your goodbye lunch) and will never let you leave us - NEVER! As you probably well know, when one enters into witness protection, their identities are forever altered and, as a result, such altered person (in Dan's case he was already altered, but hey, it's my story) is not allowed contact with anyone from his previous life. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT BUDDY - YOU CANNOT GET RID OF US THAT EASILY! We WILL find you!

As a result of our dear friend's unfortunate (for us) departure, we have taken it upon ourselves to help his impending exit along. We will be having a goodbye lunch, wherein the gifts of our love will be bestowed upon him, and his new witness protection identity will be revealed.

Cardstock from CTMH; Name letter rub-ons from Making Memories; Font is Stencil; Number and post stamps from CTMH; Arrow Border from 3Birds; Stitch rub-ons from Karen Foster Designs; Farmer is cut from Cricut's Everyday Paper Doll cartridge.

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